How to survive divorce without drama

How to survive divorce without drama
How to survive divorce without drama

Concluding marriage hardly anyone expects that their love may evaporate after years and be replaced by anger, pain and even hatred towards their partner. But unfortunately, in almost 50% of marriages in our country, the final comes with divorce instead of "love for the rest of life". Yet, when this happens, most lovers until recently quickly turn bitter against each other, harming not only the partner, but also themselves and the children.

For the sake of your personal he alth, physical and emotional, it would be better to go through your divorce with ease and if possible drama-free. Certainly, if you are facing a similar process like divorce, reading this article, you probably find it hard to believe that you can separate without resentment and hatred, but this would be the he althy way for you.

Be selfish and think about your own emotions and how anger will make you more miserable than the breakup itself. You must have heard the expression that "anger is like a handful of mud that you throw at another person, but your hands remain dirty afterwards." This is precisely because after you have experienced great love, and even greater disappointment and insult from the partner followed, you feel the desire to humiliate him, hurt him even.

But this pain and sadness is anchored deeper in yourself than in the other person. If the fates of the people around you, children especially, are involved in the whole picture, pain seems inevitable for everyone.

As you proceed to finalize your relationship to avoid the ugly scenes it is important to know that divorce is not a war It is the end of a love relationship but remember that you had some good times, didn't you? For their sake and the children's sake, don't be angry with your partner, let him go. No one will come out of the war between you clean and unsullied, only more miserable.

If you feel the need to talk to a professional, consult a family psychologist. He will help you a lot in the process of overcoming the pain and disappointment. The notion that only "crazy" people consult a psychologist is outdated and elementary. It is through several sessions with a psychologist that you will be able to find the path of calmness and accepting the separation in a normal way.

Initiate a conversation with your almost ex-husband. Try to put the cards on the table without personal accusations and insinuations about who hurt and offended whom more. Tell him how you feel and ask him to part as friends, as people who have had their good and good times.

Use this sentimental moment to forgive each other and move on, each in his own way. You won't believe how relieved you will feel from this action. No one can keep someone by force if the love is no longer there. But you will be free to look for your soul mate, without the anger and pain of the divorce you experienced. And this is the most important thing.

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