3 causes people to dislike you

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3 causes people to dislike you
3 causes people to dislike you

You can't force someone to like you. But you can look deeper into yourself, analyze yourself and understand what makes people not like you, not want to be friends with you. Often times our behavior makes us unconscious bad jokes that interfere with our normality with others. The way we express ourselves sometimes leaves the wrong impression on others. People don't read minds, but they read body language very well. It does not require special skills to read it - nature has encoded in us the ability to feel it on a subconscious, instinctive level. That is why we often do not realize what signals we send to others and how we ourselves block our opportunities for contacts and a good social circle.

What are three of the factors that prevent us from being ?


When you are not sincere in your communication, it is felt by others. You play roles that you fail to overlap equally every time. You are different according to the situation. You try to adapt to the opinion of your interlocutors. You express positions to please those around you, but in the next conversation another opinion appears in opposition to the previous one. All these and more types of artificial insincere behavior are felt by others and automatically put you on the list of disliked and disapproved persons.


Here, too, nature intervenes on a more primal level. People sense with their senses when someone is insecure. This automatically unlocks animal-like instincts that make them repel the unsure, the fearful, the timid. They register it as unreliable, as not so good quality without even realizing their choice. It is dictated again on a subconscious level. When you yourself are not convinced of your abilities, the people around you will perceive you precisely as such - incapable. They will find it difficult to respect and like you because we are unconsciously programmed to strive for better in order to survive. In order to be liked by others, first of all you have to like and trust yourself. People will feel it and perceive you in a completely different way.


The other extreme is, of course, also repulsive. If you display a great deal of self-confidence, people will instinctively ask themselves what this self-confidence is all about. They will instantly discover your weaknesses and seize upon them as proof of how boastful you really are in your own eyes. This "program" is always activated in people as a way to distinguish themselves from someone who demonstratively shows their superiority over others. Don't expect anyone to like you if you have this kind of behavior.

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