Overcoming girlfriend envy

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Overcoming girlfriend envy
Overcoming girlfriend envy

Envy is a common feeling for some people when their friends have a successful career, a wonderful relationship, or enjoy decent savings. This feeling gets even stronger when something unpleasant happens to a person, such as being dumped by a boyfriend or being fired from a job.

Competing with others has always been beneficial for the growth and improvement of a person, but when envy crosses reasonable limits, it can turn into aggression and obsession.

That's why we offer several ways to overcome painful envy of friends. They'll come in handy if you ever get jealous.

Comparing your children

If you don't have kids yet and your girlfriend's cute little ones are so perfect, don't fret. Find a way to share time just the two of you whenever possible. Plan special dinners with your significant other. It will make you feel better. If you have children, don't compare them to your girlfriend's. Remember that outsiders see only the perfect. Focus on your friendship!

Impressive career

Your girlfriend has a great career while you've been stuck in the same place for years. Envy has already taken hold of you, and every time she brags about something, it gets even stronger. Experts advise to focus on your achievements. Your girlfriend's good career might come at the cost of late shifts, missing out on family time, so enjoy your own successes.

Great Appearance

Does your girlfriend have great fashion sense? Compared to her wardrobe, yours looks downright granny! Don't try to copy her and buy her accessories. It won't make you feel better. Rather, try to build your own style. This way you will feel really beautiful and modern!

Good physical shape

Your girlfriend is thinner and slimmer than you and it makes you jealous. It's only natural to compare your shapes to those of your girlfriends. Every woman wants to look irresistible! Instead of embarking on drastic diets, think about what you like about your body. If you must, make a list. You'd be surprised how long it can be!

Good financial opportunities

While you are calculating the monthly budget, your girlfriend is enjoying a good financial situation. Money is very often a cause of envy and problems not only between friends. If your girlfriend is constantly bragging about her abilities, she's probably not a real friend and you'd better not waste your time with her!

More loving husband

If it seems to you that your partner is no match for her, then it is simply impossible to go out together. This is going to be hell. Listening to how her husband constantly compliments her and shows her his attention makes you not jealous, but downright hate your man! Think if they really behave this way when they are alone! It's entirely possible that this is a pose.

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