A Parable of Jealousy

A Parable of Jealousy
A Parable of Jealousy

In love, everyone is jealous. In some relationships it is provoked by some actions of the partner, while in others it has turned into a disease. The following instructive story will remind you of the destructiveness of jealousy.

In a village lived a sage. One day a man came to him for advice, who said that he was unhappy and ashamed of his own vices.

– I'm too jealous. I know it's an unworthy feeling, but I can't deal with it. My wife is loyal, loving, but I'm still torn by jealousy. I know she's being honest with me but imaginary lovers drive me crazy thinking she might be making fun of me. I am beyond exhausted. Please advise me how to get rid of this trouble.said the man.

The wise man thought, then answered him:

– I heard a story about a man who inherited a beautiful cherry orchard. Every spring the trees were in bloom, everything was covered with snow-white petals. From the slightest breeze, they rose into the air and everything was so beautiful.

The owner of the garden took great care of his heritage and every year the trees produced a rich harvest. But once a bad man, a slanderer and an envious person stopped by.

– What a lovely garden. It's a pity that thieves can come at night. – said the uninvited guest.

After he left, his words greatly disturbed the owner of the garden. At night he began to go out and guard the garden, during the day he slept because he was tired, and he needed new strength to guard his harvest.

Over time, no one took care of the trees, the fence on his property also collapsed. So the man, sitting every night in the garden, forgot about the wonderful taste of his cherries.

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