The 5 Signs You're Jealous of a Friend

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The 5 Signs You're Jealous of a Friend
The 5 Signs You're Jealous of a Friend

No one likes to admit that they are jealous or envious, especially if it is about friends, not intimate partners. We should be happy for our friends when they are happy, right?

Jealousy and envy are intertwined when it comes to friends and loved ones.

Sometimes negative feelings such as jealousy or envy take over. Everyone has experienced something like this in their lifetime in some form or for some subjective reason.

Before you ruin your friendship because of jealousy or envy, understand why you feel that way. This will help you deal with that gnawing feeling.

What are the 5 signs you're jealous of your friends?

You are not satisfied with their good news

When a friend achieves success or has good news for himself, you for some reason do not enjoy his experiences. If you feel this way, ask yourself why.

Very often the hardest thing is managing the time. In what sense? When your friend gets or succeeds in something before you, it's hard to accept in many cases, for the simple reason that it's human nature to want to be first in something and be as happy as possible.

Look at things more philosophically. Don't be angry that your friend has outdone you in something that hasn't happened to you yet. Realize that everything comes in time.

Trying to belittle your friends' achievements

Sometimes envy manifests itself in denial, resulting in belittling your friends' successes. In other cases, you may be trying to downplay their successes by starting to exemplify your own achievements, which you consider to be greater or better.

In both cases, you are not acting supportively towards your friends and you should try to understand the motives that make you do so. Envy will shine at their core.

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