Our parents are getting divorced - how should we accept this fact?

Our parents are getting divorced - how should we accept this fact?
Our parents are getting divorced - how should we accept this fact?

We don't have to have experienced it personally to be able to realize the monstrous consequences of separation of two people on each of them and especially on their children, even if they are already grown up. Therefore, it often happens that parents preserve the integrity of the family only for the sake of their children and postpone the divorce until after they have raised and educated them together. Their hope is that when the children have their own lives, careers and families, maybe their parents' divorce won't be as stressful for them.

The truth is that a mature person is more prepared to deal with such emotional trauma, but this does not diminish the sad fact that the family that has been our support all our lives no longer exists. At such a moment, an avalanche of feelings floods us - we are lonely and abandoned by the people we have always relied on until then.

How to overcome the crisis? There is no ready recipe. They say that happy families are alike, but unhappy families go through crises in their own individual ways.

However, first of all, we should try to show patience to our parents - it's about their marriage and their relationship. No matter how close we were, we cannot put ourselves in their place and feel their feelings. They don't have intractable problems with us or the family as a whole, only with each other. Knowing this, we will avoid the moment of taking sides in their fight or making accusations against one or the other.

It is extremely important in this moment of crisis to control our negative emotions so as not to transfer them to our own relationships or families. Anger is not a good counselor in any problematic life situation. Accepting things calmly and hoping that even though separated our parents will continue to love us will be a support for us to move forward.

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