5 emotional trials that accompany every divorce

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5 emotional trials that accompany every divorce
5 emotional trials that accompany every divorce

Years after the divorce we could take stock of all the stages of despair and joy we experienced at that moment. Whether the decision to break up was made spontaneously or was the result of long and hard thought, it always comes down to the same things that torment us.

1. the doubt

You are giving up on your marriage - something that at first may have seemed like the safest and most correct step you have ever taken in your life. On the one hand, you may doubt the rightness of your decision. On the other hand, everything you do may seem pointless.

2. Are you missing something

Not only will you miss him at times, but also everything about him. You may miss his parents, who you often found annoying. Meetings with mutual friends will not be the same as before. To avoid bringing up old memories, you'll probably avoid places you used to go to together.

3. The kids

How will divorce affect our children? Aren't we taking too selfish a step by separating and depriving them of the close presence of one of us.

4. The Meetings

You might have to date men again. After the divorce, you will probably find it difficult to believe and commit to another man. Give yourself time, don't be afraid to spend some time alone with yourself.

5. the blame

Where did we go wrong? Did we do everything in our power to save our marriage? Did you have to? When you find an answer to these questions, you will be able to move forward with confidence.

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