Divorce and children: how to introduce your new partner

Divorce and children: how to introduce your new partner
Divorce and children: how to introduce your new partner

Human relationships is a process that has never been easy to trace and explain. With time, with age, situations become more and more diverse. Every family faces problems, but the most unpleasant one, especially when there are children involved, is divorce.

Despite the huge responsibility that parents bring to their children, there is no power that can keep a love burning forever. Parents may be "mom and dad", but they are still also "woman and man" looking for inner harmony, peace and someone worth sharing them with.

however, they are extremely vulnerable creatures and a change in the family can be a shock to them. Often children do not tolerate the new "member" of the home and try to please their parents. If they fail, they may decide that they are the cause of the problems. They soon become jealous of the attention their parent is giving to their new lover. They miss the good old weekends, the games, the moments with both parents.

If you are in such a situation, it is important to be able to. You are the link between him and your new friend, so make sure you explain about your love, your friendship to both of them. Reassure your child that you will always support him no matter the circumstances. Organize a dinner party or picnic that involves all three of you, and try to make him feel like an equal with you. In this way, it will gain self-confidence and have no reason to repel the "foreign element".

Your most difficult task will be to turn "foreign" into "our". Don't push your new partner on the kids. Do not show too much affection for him and try to let him take his place in the house gradually. It's important to be aware of the responsibility you're letting him take on and make sure he's the right person for you and your home.

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