The negative effects of too much homework

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The negative effects of too much homework
The negative effects of too much homework

The dynamics of the learning process is related to more time that children have to spend preparing homework. In their desire to raise and educate talented, well-educated and intelligent children, parents sometimes overload the little ones not only with preparing homework, but with additional educational activities.

Unfortunately, crossing the line can have a negative effect, especially on younger children. What could be the negative effects?

Reduce social interaction

Pay attention to how much time children spend preparing homework and how this whole process goes. What are they missing in these hours? Children who spend too long hours writing homework have limited time to interact with their peers, even adults.

Remember that social contacts provide children with the opportunity to learn other important life skills such as communication, conflict management, socialization and more.


Reduces creativity

If the preparation of homework does not take the form of an exciting game or you do not plan a time when children have the opportunity to play games that build their creativity, motivation,analytically thinking etc., be sure that this will not only affect their creativity but also the results they will get in school.

This time in which the child builds and explores his new interests in the world around him should not be limited. Some of them may become his vocation.


Children who are involved in too much homework are at risk of an imbalance that can affect their circadian rhythm (biological clock) Overwork can lead to sleep disturbances, which will affect their cognitive abilities during the day. It also reduces the motivation to learn.


A number of studies have found that there is very little correlation between the amount of homework and academic success. It is recommended that younger children follow a shorter preparation time or it should be combined with a short break, fun games, rest to get the best results.

Time that is overwhelming for the little ones is considered excessive and can backfire.

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