8 reasons babies cry

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8 reasons babies cry
8 reasons babies cry

If you have recently become parents, and for the first time, surely your head is a mess of all the parenting books you've read, everything you've heard from relatives and friends, what you've watched in movies, and when you add in the uncertainty of whether you'll make it, it gets really scary.

The truth is that you will not be perfect parents, but don't worry, there are none. Being a parent means always being alert to your child's needs and doing the impossible to make him feel good. And that is quite enough. Until the moment when the baby doesn't cry and you have no idea why he's bawling? There are several reasons for baby crying and different ways to comfort them.

Hunger and Thirst

The first thing that comes to your mind, and you are right to think it, is that the baby is hungry. Yes, most often babies cry for this reason. For babies in the first months, every need is like an instinct for self-preservation and their way of contacting you is crying. So don't be scared by it but try to decode it.

Dirty diapers

Babies feel a natural need to be clean. This is also the second most likely reason for babies to cry in the first months of their lives. Check the diaper and make sure it is the cause.

Need to sleep

Little babies sleep between 14 and 18 hours a day. Which means the only time they wake up is a feeding, a diaper change and a bit of play. Then they go back to sleep. If you have played more and missed the bedtime, it is very possible that the baby is nervous from the lack of sleep.

Want a hug

The cutest reason that will melt you. Babies need hugs and gentle caresses because that's how they feel safe and protected. Cuddle them as often as you like and don't listen to grandma's old adage that a child should be left to cry it out. On the contrary, you will only increase his sense of insecurity and he will feel abandoned by the most important people in his life - mom and dad. More and more research in this field proves that even though they do not remember these emotions from the first months, babies encode them in their memory and at a later age these unpleasant or pleasant sensations influence their lives.

How many

Soon after being born, the baby begins to experience stomach ailments or the so-called colic. It happens to over 70% of babies, so it's unlikely to pass you by. The comfort is that colic does not last long and can subside within a month.

Because of the teeth

After the 3rd month, the main reason babies vocalize is the pain of teething. As many as 20 teeth will erupt over the course of 2 years, and even more in some children. Be patient, because they will really hurt. Buy some pacifiers to scratch their itchy mouths with. For mothers who breastfeed, one super tip - breastfeed children on demand. There is no greater comfort for a baby than a warm mother's breast and delicious breast milk.


As a young worried mother, you always worry about whether the child is well dressed, not catching a cold, etc. However, in the summer, in the heat, it is complete madness to wrap the child in a thick diaper or hold him with kicks, for example. Be aware of your own sensations of hot and cold. The golden rule is that the child should be dressed like you or with a thin dress plus, but no more. If he cries frantically, even turns red from roaring, and small pimples appear around his neck and breasts, it's almost certain that you've overheated him.

They don't feel good

Like little human creatures, even though they can't talk, babies want to share with you when they're not feeling well. Whether they have a tummy ache, are sad or tired, they can also have darker moods that subside quickly, but still need comfort. Be there for them, hug them, kiss them and be happy for them because they are growing really fast and soon they will be grown up big kids.

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