Never say that to a bride

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Never say that to a bride
Never say that to a bride

When they hear the news that a woman is going to be a bride, people react in all sorts of ways. Most often, inappropriate comments and questions come out of their mouths, which often offend the feelings of the future married woman.

Avoid these outbursts because you could seriously offend the bride-to-be!

Congratulations! Have you set a date?”

This is the most frequently asked question about the engagement news. Not only him, but a bunch of similar ones - "Do you have a dress yet?", "Have you chosen a DJ?" I can recommend mine!", "In which restaurant will the celebration be?"


Save the bride the embarrassment of these questions because you might offend her. You don't know what kind of budget you have, how many guests you intend to invite, and whether the celebration will be modest. Just say hello to her.

I can't wait for the wedding

Just because you found out about the event doesn't mean you're invited! Did you think about this before asking this question?

“Well, I hope your marriage isn't like mine.”

The most inappropriate thing anyone can say to a bride-to-be is this. Instead of discouraging the bride, simply congratulate her and wish her luck and love. It is clear to everyone that there are also failed marriages. You don't have to cloud other people's happiness with your own unhappiness.

“Are you sure you want to get married?”

There are many circumstances that would make a woman hesitate to enter into marriage. Don't add fuel to the fire unnecessarily. Such questions can be asked only by very close people and only in cases where you have something in mind against the groom. In all other cases, this question is more than superfluous.

It won't hurt to have a church marriage


What rituals the wedding ceremony will contain is the decision of the newlyweds alone. Not all people believe in church marriage, not all are believers in principle, and most importantly – church marriage is not mandatory. Leave the decision up to the bride and her future husband. What you think doesn't matter at all.

What's your budget?

Some simple people ask this question to figure out what gift to buy. Others are just curious if your wedding will be more expensive than theirs. Still others want to know if they are marrying a man with opportunities.

The reasons for this question could be many. The important thing is that you have every right not to answer them and even put them on the spot!

Why didn't you invite your father?

If you know that the bride is not on good terms with her father and has not seen him for a long time, it is not right to ask her this question. You are stirring in a deep wound that is unlikely to heal. Besides, probably one of the first things the bride-to-be thought of was exactly that. So with this question you are not helping her at all, you are actually making things even more difficult to bear.

“Are you pregnant?”

Is that the only reason a woman would get married? Brace yourself! You have no right to ask such direct questions, even if you think about them! As if love is not reason enough for two young people to enter into a marriage union.

Be measured in your reactions and questions to a bride-to-be, no matter how close she is to you.

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