First time at school

First time at school
First time at school

The first day of school is a great day, both for children and their parents.

Not leaving every year for the first time at school. The first bell is a watershed between carefree childhood and the first serious duties, trials and decisions.

The child understands that he is growing up, and we also begin to wonder how the first seven years flew by so imperceptibly - whether we missed something, whether we were in a hurry or late with the upbringing of our already grown child. It will be clear now. On the first day of school, he will timidly hold our hand and not want to be alone with his new classmates, will he be embarrassed by our kiss and by the fact that we constantly fix his shirt collar or tuck his blouse into his pants. How will he react with curiosity or with fear, with joy or with reluctance. Indeed, it somewhat depends on the first seven years - on how we lived until now, how he was brought up, whether he went to kindergarten, whether he enjoyed a happy childhood and a loving family or not.

Whatever the first seven years have been, the first day of school is always mixed with fear and joy. In order for the child to be more confident and calmer on this day, it is good to prepare for him from early on. Not only to buy clothes, books and school supplies, but by buying them to talk with our future student about what awaits him from now on.

Because many changes await him. His lifestyle is changing. Although the first-year program is not very complicated, the colorful chairs from the kindergarten are gone, the toys are gone. Unfortunately, the mass Bulgarian school welcomes перволаците quite gray and quite spartan. A classroom is usually cabinets, tables and a blackboard. In the best case, some fresh flowers and colorful teaching aids on the walls or a portrait of a folk revivalist.

Put yourself in the place of a 6-7 year old child who is used to his colorful nursery at home, he will definitely find this environment quite stressful. If you can't offer him anything better as a school, at least prepare him for what to expect. Tell him what it was like in your time when you were first graders, how you were greeted, how the older students picked you up, and how you were ushered into the classroom. It is good to tell this because some children may not want to reach out to strangers and not want to go with them because they simply do not know where they will take them. It will make you feel very awkward that only your child is bawling in such an elevated setting, and the poor student will find the school quite bitter from the first step. To prevent this from happening, now is the time for nostalgic memories and stories about how things are at school. What is allowed and what is not. Which is fun and which requires more patience. Tell and laugh for a taste of the fun to come.

You can go to the chosen school a few days before the first day of school and together with the child check which will be his classroom, who will be the teacher and what the school looks like from the inside.

  • The first day of school
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  • Who will lead and pick up the child
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Sports kit and accessories
  • Stationery
  • Food Box
  • The price of the notebooks
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