First day of school - a holiday for parents and children

First day of school - a holiday for parents and children
First day of school - a holiday for parents and children

Do you hear the school bell yet? Are you ready for the challenge called school? Hurry, because he is already walking with light baby steps and you can hear his ringing laugh at the door!

Little feet need to be shod in warm shoes, new clothes, notebooks and pens are needed… and of course you need he althy nerves and a lot of love when you have a student at home.

But whatever we say September 15th is a big holiday. And we have to get ready to celebrate, together with the children, no matter that in recent years it is always cold, rainy and unwelcoming. I have a feeling that won't be the case this year.

А on a holiday like on a holiday - we can wear our best and favorite clothes, make a bouquet of the best flowers and take a leave from work (if we can).

Personally, I think that on September 15th there is no more important job for parents of little ones than to send their students off. If your bosses have something against you, think about whether it is worth giving up your he alth and happy moments for the enrichment of such people. After the ceremony at school, which traditionally in all schools should start at 9 a.m. with the raising of the Bulgarian flag, you can take the children somewhere to have fun (at a pastry shop, in a children's center, in the park) - it's still a holiday By the way, in many schools before the official opening there are class meetings and it is good to ask if and when there will be such a meeting, possibly we may have to take the children to school half an hour or an hour earlier. We can also think of a small gift for the students - they are still children and will be very happy.

The clothes are good to choose together with the children, as well as to wear them and wear them beforehand, to see if they really fit them well, if they like them and if they are comfortable., if we have the opportunity again, it would be good to do it together with the children - that way we will be able to talk once more about the teacher, about the rules at school. If not, florists are set to make their biggest turnover yet by the end of the year.

Let's not forget that the bouquet is a symbol of respect and not a demonstration of prestige - we must take into account that the height does not exceed the height of our child, as well as to be lighter. Not that there aren't comic cuties staggering under huge bouquets on the first day of school.

On September 15th, we should not forget - because good memories always warm in difficult times.

And the most important thing - let's forget the problems and not forget our good mood and our sunniest smiles and, according to the old Bulgarian tradition, let's start autumn with a song.

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