In a study hall or at home?

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In a study hall or at home?
In a study hall or at home?

Do you ask yourself this question - should I send the child to an after school study center or prepare at home?

If you are asking yourself this question, you are one of the lucky few who have the opportunity for one reason or another to stay at home and deal with the first grader.

In order to afford this luxury, you need to make sure that another family member (preferably the dad) will be able to take care of the finances on his own, so that you can safely deal with the first polish at home. And if you have a desire for a second (or third) child and you haven't planned it yet, you can combine (a baby shower with a baby shower). You'll be staying home to watch the baby anyway, as long as you can pick up the first grader from school, you'll be fine.


The advantages of the child preparing for the next day at home are:

  • Peaceful atmosphere - you can't get it in school study rooms.
  • Home-cooked food - extremely important for teenagers.
  • Possibility to take a nap in the afternoon - our schools are not designed for this at all, and the little ones still need sleep and rest.
  • Opportunity to play outside - most centers do not take children outside and they are forced to stay all day in stuffy, dusty rooms with little oxygen and space.
  • Opportunity to play with his toys and feel good in his waters - reduces stress.
  • A chance to communicate with you - the little ones have an extreme need to share, cuddle and feel our support and approval.
  • Opportunity to take him to extracurricular activities – sports, drawing, foreign languages, dancing…

In a word, the advantages of preparing the first grader at home outweigh the disadvantages.

I personally can think of only one disadvantage – that the child will communicate less than others with his classmates, but this can easily be compensated if you invite the most his close friends to come to your house or you suggest that you go to the movies together, for a walk or just sit together after school in the park.

But unfortunately nowadays only a few are the ones who can afford it and then we ask ourselves why our children become nervous, aggressive and alienated from a young age? The answer is obvious and most of us know it, but we still haven't figured out how to clone ourselves so that we can both make money to survive and pay enough attention to the children.

In the study hall

Here, parents of children in public schools have two options – the so-called public study hall and the ones clustered around the school private study halls.

The State Study Room is free. This is the main and sometimes the only advantage. Of course, we should inquire about how things are at your school - which lady takes care of the children, how many children are expected to attend the study room, how big the room is and other no less important details.

If you come across a decent person, an educator - this is the recommended option.

Disadvantage is that government study centers work till 4.30-5.00 pm which is inconvenient for working parents who finish work after 5.30-6.00 pm and some even later. Many parents whose children attend such a study center complain that the children do not prepare well for the next day and have to sit down to study again in the evening; there is no good discipline and they run in the corridors and sometimes outside the school building; they don't have a good time and their only entertainment is stuffing themselves with treats from the stall; they have no extra activities to attract their attention and interest them; the rooms are small and uncomfortable, and children from two or three classes gather there.

Private schools compete with each other and that's good for parents, but we still have to take the trouble to research which one of them will be the most suitable for us - in view the location, price, extra activities and extras they offer.

As a rule, in private study centers they pay personal attention to the children, but in places due to the great interest they even exceed the number of children in the state school.

Private study centers usually have quality teachers who try to make the children learn, even something more than what is required, (but it is not excluded that you will come across those who beat the homework).

Private classrooms are usually rented in apartments, and they are not spacious enough, so the teachers try to take the children to the park and, after learning their lessons, engage them in something on the side: drawing, applications, modeling etc

A big advantage of private study centers is that they work late and you can pick up your child even after 7pm

It is sad that urbanization is mainly paid for by the children - if we consider the total time they spend at school or in the study room we will be scared - at best it is from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., and if parents work away from the study room maybe until later.

It is our responsibility to choose the best and optimal option or as they say the lesser evil if we have a choice.

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