The outfit for the first day of school

The outfit for the first day of school
The outfit for the first day of school

Many mothers of first-timers ask themselves the question - how should I dress him for the first day of school?

This is one of the solemn and memorable days at school. Should the boy be in black trousers, white shirt and tie - like a mini gentleman or in jeans and a jacket? And mothers of little girls are wondering whether to send their princess in a formal dress or a casual one?

Honestly, for most kids, clothing doesn't matter. Although it will already make an impression on them - if everyone else is dressed formally, and only they were sent by mom in their house pants.

However, parents are mostly the ones who get more excited and who keep their children festivally dressedStill, it's a holiday for them too – the first seven years have already passed. They have raised and educated a man who is ready to go on life's adventures alone. And the first classes are the first encounter with real life. Then he will see what kind of child we have created in the first seven years and whether the education we have given him will give him a successful start in school or not.

Perhaps many of the children will see themselves dressed in official clothes for the first time and this will give them additional motivation to expect something different, something new. To feel grown up and ready to be like the big ones.

At the time, the uniform played this socializing role and included yesterday's miscreant to a new social group. But today, at least for now, there are no uniforms and the parents themselves decide how to act in this case.

My personal opinion is that it is good for the child to be formally dressed on the first day of school, precisely for the reasons listed above. However, we should not leave the child with the feeling that this is an ordinary day like all the others, and that it will continue to be the same as it was in kindergarten.

Making this decision we enthusiastically go around the shops and look for something official for first grader. Have you tried yet?

For little girls, you can find a wide variety of formal dresses, even boutique ones and some of them at very affordable prices. But I can't say that going around the shops will be so pleasant for the mothers of the boys. There are almost no formal suits anywhere. Out of ten children's stores visited, at most you can find such a product in one. And if you have any complaints about the material, the color or the price, you will have to first buy comfortable shoes for a proper marathon. Or to do research off and on-line where you can get a children's costume.

Some parents may think that this is an unnecessary investment, but in reality it is not, because for every major holiday they require a white shirt and black pants - maybe because it is still enslaved to the uniform of yesteryear and although not required is preferred. And in that context of thought, it's good for the boys to have formal clothes too, so we don't have to constantly look to borrow. But it turns out to be not such an easy mission, and after a few hours of walking around we start to think, what the heck, I'll rummage through the wardrobe one more time, somehow I can come up with something that looks more official.

So how do you deal with this problem - will you send the children on September 15th with formal or casual clothes? I suggest that we discuss the topic in the forum, where we will be able to indicate specific stores - where to shop and where there is no point in looking.

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