Preparing the room for the first grader

Preparing the room for the first grader
Preparing the room for the first grader

According to the possibilities of the parents, interests and temperament of the child, most parents spend time and money to furnish the children's room in a new way. Here are some very simple ideas that you can implement without a lot of money and effort. You can change the wallpapers - if they have been with more childish motifs until now, now is the time to take into account the child's preferences - whether he has the discoverer's fire burning in him and prefers a frieze with dinosaurs; whether he likes sports and will prefer wallpapers with football players; whether he is impressed by the constellations in the sky or likes bright colors.

Naturally, the desk is one of the important additions. You need to consider where it would be appropriate to place it so that it is well lit. Some children use a computer from a young age, and now you need to decide whether it should be present in the room from the first grade or if access to it will be a bonus when the child has finished his school activities. It is a good idea to put a cork or magnetic board - where to put the syllabus, current tasks - such as study verses etc. It is often necessary for parents to explain at home the tasks or something that the child did not understand at school - to do exercises together, therefore a board for writing and scratching would not be superfluous, but would add to the new learning atmosphere. Together with the child, you can determine which toys are outgrown and can be put away in a box or given to a younger child who would enjoy them. To determine a shelf for new books and textbooks, drawers for stationery, sports and other accessories. In a word, with the environment to prepare your child for the new challenges. You can set aside a corner for geographical maps, models of the human body and various accessories that will make the child feel grown up and proud that he is entering a new, different period of his life.

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