Animals teach children to be good

Animals teach children to be good
Animals teach children to be good

I know many parents do not allow their children to have a pet. There are many reasons - starting with fear of diseases and allergies, they want it clean and tidy, they don't have the time and opportunity to take care of it, and thousands of other known and unknown reasons.

The truth is that a pet is a member of the family, sometimes it is almost equivalent to adopting a child. It is another responsibility, another concern, another joy.

And to introduce the child to animals, it is not enough to take him to the zoo or buy him an encyclopedia.

Communicating with animals, no matter how strange it may seem to you, makes people human.

Animals can teach you compassion. If you know that someone weaker is dependent on you, you know that you are responsible for him - to feed the kitten, to give him water in the heat, because otherwise he will die.

The pan of water in the heat is very important for every living being. Even if you don't have an animal, you can put a bowl of water somewhere and see that some bird or dog will be happy. And then you'll feel a lot better about having done a little inconspicuous good.

Here's one thing you can do with or for your kids this summer - send them to a village where there are animals or to a camp with animals - horse camp, country camp… you name it.

Children can learn, for example, to ride a horse, help take care of it… Horse riding as well as swimming with dolphins is very good therapy for people. And in Bulgaria there are still many more horses and horse bases than dolphins.

You can do a favor for someone you know and take care of their kitten or dog while they are on vacation. Many pet owners do not go anywhere because there is no one to watch the dog or kitten. A week won't hurt anyone. You will just find out if someone is allergic and if you too can get it in the future. And even if you can't, the children will be happy that they talked and enjoyed someone good-natured. I have never heard of bad animals, only of an animal instinct that we must take into account. And of course, for bad treatment by irresponsible owners.

So try doing something good for an animal this summer.

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