3 things you shouldn't do before sleep

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3 things you shouldn't do before sleep
3 things you shouldn't do before sleep

Usually before going to bed we are used to doing a variety of things for which we have no time left during the day. Some of them we do for the purpose of relaxation, and others - to complete our household duties. But which of them are contraindicated to do in the evening, find out now:

Taking a hot bath

Most people believe that a hot bath or a warm shower right before bed will calm them down and put them to sleep more easily. This is absolutely true. But there is one small detail - never go to bed immediately after taking a bath. Why? Because your body temperature usually drops during sleep, starting about 2 hours before you go to bed. And a hot bath will raise your temperature, which will actually make you drift off and fall asleep easily. But this clash of high body temperature, which begins to drop sharply with sleep, has a knock-on effect on your body. It lowers your natural immunity and makes you more prone to colds.

Watching a scary movie

Many people usually watch a scary movie or thriller in the evening after the kids have gone to sleep. But the truth is that from stress and tension at work, all of our nerves are already quite strained, and in the end we finish them off with a dose of crime fiction or a scary thriller. Such films strain the psyche and the nervous system extremely. It is better to watch them during the day, in the light, so that your brain has time to process the received information. And for the evening, leave yourself a romantic comedy that will really relieve you and calm you down.

Food after 8pm

Due to a lot of work and commitments during the day, we often come home hungry. However, there the duties take precedence again, children, cleaning, tidying and finally you collapse in the armchair around 10 pm and you are ready to eat the entire fridge. You overeat and then go to sleep and expect your sleep to be restful and fulfilling. No way…

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