The Parable of the Wind and the Mill

The Parable of the Wind and the Mill
The Parable of the Wind and the Mill

Success is a good thing. They should serve as an example for us to continue to improve ourselves, to learn and to teach others without pride. Sometimes, standing at the top of the ladder, we forget the long way we have traveled, the modesty with which we have walked hand in hand with the unceasing efforts.

Then we are said to have become proud. Something that can destroy our past successes and hinder our future ones. We share a short but instructive story that will remind us that excessive pride often borders on stupidity.

One day the wind blew as usual and blew out a candle. This made him very proud:

– My power is so great that I can even extinguish the sun.

At that moment there was a wise man nearby who heard and saw everything. Then he decided to make a windmill. When he finished it, he turned to the wind and said:

– It's no wonder you can put out the sun. Him and the night extinguishes him. Try to stop the mill wheel.

The wind was proud and decided to show the sage that he could meet his challenge. It blew and blew, but the mill wheel did not stop turning, and the flour only ground and filled the sacks in abundance. From the pride and stupidity of the wind, man lived peacefully and richly.

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