"The Last Conquest" - Nikolay Kolev

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"The Last Conquest" - Nikolay Kolev
"The Last Conquest" - Nikolay Kolev

Are you interested in the afterlife, God and the meaning of life? Because for Nikola such things are not on the agenda. What excites the 24-year-old history student is beautiful women and how quickly he can sleep with them. Once through his bed, they become conquests.

However, it is this young slayer who is about to discover some of the eternal truths, as well as the most important path – the one to himself. One of his favorite conquests will help him in a way he won't like at all.

Get ready for an unexpected journey into three separate worlds, drenched in humor and perfume, after which nothing will ever be the same again.

“Fresh, dynamic and very inspiring story. I recommend it to all young people.”

Niki Iliev – director and actor

About the author


Nikolai Kolev is the screenwriter of the films "XI a" and "XII a". Winner of the Pegasus Award for Best Debut Screenplay ("XI a"). In his literary work there is another novel - "The King of Animals" and a collection of short stories - "Pictures of the Ages". He has a master's degree in Bulgarian language and literature.

Excerpt One new day


<The rays of the spring sun timidly penetrated through the lowered blinds and caressed Nikola's face in light stripes. He opened his eyes, looked at the girl still sleeping next to him and smiled contentedly. He knew how much effort this moment cost him.

Nicola touched her hair – long, beautiful and silky brown hair. A ray of sunlight closed his eyes again. And when he opened them, he was already thinking about something else. For the new day. For the good weather and the interesting things that awaited him. He didn't know what they would be, he just knew they were waiting for him – out there somewhere – and he couldn't wait to get out. There was only one problem - the "beautiful hair" was still sleeping.

Nicola got up carefully, went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast, with which she went back to bed, with the girl named Annie.

– Ehoo! he whispered to her.

Annie grunted softly instead of answering.

– Breakfast in bed?

Annie hummed again in agreement. However, the sound was quite unintelligible and could easily pass for disagreement.

– No? Nikola pretended. – Okay, I'll take her back to the kitchen.

– No! - she resents.

The thin duvet was pushed aside and she - Annie - was revealed from under it - dreamy, charming, ridiculously disheveled and wearing a Nikola T-shirt.

– Breakfast in bed! she remarked sleepily. – Wow!

– I guess it's your first time - Nikola joked.

– They have done it to me many times if you want to know! – she feigned indignation.

– Wow! - commented Nikola succinctly.

The two laughed then Annie stood up and took a sip of her coffee.

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