Parents and teachers - advanced communication

Parents and teachers - advanced communication
Parents and teachers - advanced communication

During the first days of the new school year, organizational issues are usually resolved. Most often they are related to collecting money for something. The problem of communication between teachers, parents and students is also significant. More and more schools have their own online systems (diaries, blogs, mailing lists, ready-made software sites, and the most unsuccessful solution: a mailbox where everyone knows the password) through which they maintain a virtual community that must solve real problems from the daily life of the school. However, Facebook remains the number one communication medium. Since we do not tolerate the presence of children on Mark Zuckerberg's network, we will focus on parents and teachers. How to optimize the contacts between them?

Parents - Teachers

Teachers must be active in this communication. They spend their day with the children and it makes sense to report what is happening in class. Especially in the younger ones, when one teacher leads all the subjects. They are the first to see emerging problems and with the help of parents can prevent their development.

However, with the older ones, it is very difficult to maintain a Facebook community with all the parents + all the teachers. There will still be a few teachers who deny technology and demonize Facebook. Still, every teacher involved is valuable.

But how to motivate teachers to participate in this conversation. Even lead him?

  • Let's come up with some kind of incentive for teachers who regularly provide information about what is happening in class.
  • To convince the teacher that we are on his side and he has our full support.
  • To create a closed group for communication between parents and teachers without children being allowed inside. Let's talk like adults though.

Parents - Parents

Anyone who has been to a parent-teacher meeting knows that the parents of the children in the same class are extremely different. Even more than the children who fell into it.

Some have more self-confidence, others are more intelligent, others have more money, others are normal, but their children are spoiled. What could make these people communicate online? At that, constructively. If there is a problem - let's say general dissatisfaction against a teacher is easy. Rallying AGAINST something is much more achievable than rallying FOR a cause Our suggestions for effective communication between parents of children in the same class:

  • Let there be an arbiter or an authority in the online community that does not allow violation of good tone. A respected teacher? The classroom? The director? Why not a student representative?
  • There is always a core of active mothers who flutter too energetically and make the others nervous. It would be good if administrators were dads. The better the mother-father balance, the more fruitful the work of the group.
  • Have a beer! The point of online communication is to continue offline. Let Facebook help develop the relationship between you, not limit it within itself. Get together on informal occasions. Not even all of them - to interest groups. Show children that you can communicate with each other.

Teachers - Students

However, students and teachers can develop their relationship online. Even for children it is good to see the "human" face of the physics teacher, for example.:-) To have a more informal contact, through which the teacher can both build up his still authoritative image and share some other valuable link with his students. Whether these relationships should be in a special group or private is a matter of choice. It seems more reasonable for the teacher to communicate individually with the children - they will appreciate it.

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