How much do school backpacks cost?

How much do school backpacks cost?
How much do school backpacks cost?

Actually, the interrogative sentence should be an exclamatory - How much do school backpacks cost!

If only a few years ago we could buy a nice orthopedic backpack for 50 leva, now we have to give 100 leva.

And we know that it is important to preserve the physical he alth of children because even from learning at school children do not retain much knowledge for life, unfortunately spinal curvature remains for life. When September 15th comes around, that's the first thing I think about with impotent rage. You already know the rest – the terrible harassment of getting up early and senselessly hanging on desks for many hours a day.

I personally don't get tired of being angry, I hope you do too, so that eventually things change for the better.

But today let's discuss what kind of backpack parents of first-borns should buy.

Others don't have much of a say anymore, because children start to have claims - whether it's a handbag type, whether it's with football players, with metal players, whether it's a military bag type, there are many options. And few of them are truly orthopedic and spine-friendly.

Since we cannot mention brands and stores here, we will say that the most colorful are not always the best quality. And in order not to offend the manufacturers, I will say that the backpacks may be very good, but the textbooks may just be too many. I had such an experience with the first-class backpack, which after only a few months had fallen apart and I had to sew it. You sew once, you sew a second time, a third time - in the end it embarrasses you and you feel sorry for your child walking with such a shabby backpack and you buy a new one.

Really when we buy a backpack we can't test it, but at least we can see how reinforced it is and choose the right one, even if it is more expensive. Otherwise, you will have to buy several backpacks within the same school year.

The backpack with wheels – is also a suitable option, but not for Bulgarian schools, streets and sidewalks. However, the wheels must last a long time, otherwise it becomes unusable. But suppose you drive the child to school and all he has to do is roll it to the study room - then it's a perfect solution - as long as the room in question is not on the top floor.

Otherwise, as with the notebooks, the abundance of pictures on the backpacks is great. You can be amazed by all kinds of ponies, barbies, turtles, Bakugans, rangers, cars… And children usually ask for a picture of the latest favorite movie Yes, but will it be the most favorite and the second term? And if the backpack turns out to be of good quality, won't it already feel too grown up for this backpack and next year. If a person has enough finances, these are details of the landscape that are not even worth talking about, but if you count every penny and don't want to have excess money, it's good to think about a backpack that will last at least a few years.And again, it's better to say more expensive, but more gentle on the back, than lower quality. The most interesting thing is that the strongest backpacks turned out to be advertising backpacks, which both children like them, they are free of money, and they don't break… wonder at the curiosity.

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