“Under the Yoke” told in 5 pages

“Under the Yoke” told in 5 pages
“Under the Yoke” told in 5 pages

A concise retelling with elements of reasoning of "Under the Yoke" by Ivan Vazov is now also available on the Bulgarian market. This is the work of Mr. Angel Malinov and "Trud" publishing house - similar to "Cliffsnotes" publishing house, which for years has been developing classic works such as "War and Peace" and the works of Shakespeare.

Wonderful, this is a good day for Bulgarian students. What's better than reading a whole book in half an hour and memorizing the old tests by answering 20 questions like:

Who is Borimechka?

a/ character from "Under the Yoke"

b/ partisan

in/ muttra's nickname

Would you say that's a thing too? However, the children will know the main events of Bulgarian history, as well as the Bulgarian literary classics. I, of course, welcome the initiative, but while applauding, I also ask myself some questions. Who needs to copy everything foreign? Will we not get entangled again in the loop of the misunderstood civilization? It is precisely nowadays that we strive for Bulgarian education to move away from the penkiller type in everything and to be on the European model. I have no doubt that old-school people are good at retelling, but how good will our children be at creating their own text? If all they read are condensed retellings of the eternal books /because they are not yet filmed/, then how rich will their vocabulary in Bulgarian be? How will they be able to capture the spirit of the time in which the author worked, to distinguish the different imagery of different artists? Passing a test gallop through the Bulgarian classics, will they find something different in the style of "Under the Yoke" and "The Iron Lantern" for example? Isn't it better for them to read 10 books, but have them leave a lasting mark on their minds, than to read 100 of the same type of concise retelling with elements of reasoning and have 100 points in the Bulgarian language and literature test, just because they crossed out the faithful answer? Perhaps the reading of books in the original will remain for the units wishing to enroll in the Bulgarian literature club? But who will do it if it is an expensive hobby that will not provide bread in the hands of teenagers - they are better off choosing an EPA in a foreign language, computers or economics.

I have always thought that Bulgarian literature classes should be classes in which, above all else, to cultivate love for the language, love for the native, to cultivate a sense of language and creative thinking.

Or you will say that when we enter the big world, the Bulgarian language will not be included in the tests of the European Union and will not be a criterion for education.

Well, if this is a way of pushing back from the Bulgarian and a convergence bordering on depersonalization, we will not need many generations to be able to push it through.

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