How to remove the child from the computer?

How to remove the child from the computer?
How to remove the child from the computer?

ONE of the most serious problems in the family is how to get parents away from the computer. It is no secret to anyone that in recent years, Bulgarian children have become massively obese, proven statistically.

The factors responsible for this phenomenon are several: unhe althy food combined with the consumption of a lot of carbonated, sugary drinks and above all the lack of movement.

Do you remember your summer vacations as children well? There were no computers, there were only two TV channels (or for the younger ones several), and the main entertainment was outside games. Now, unfortunately, we rarely see our children playing outside. Their entertainment is the virtual world, the games "out there" happen in a box.

How you can limit the influence of the computer on children

1. First of all don't ban. This will not help, it will only embitter the child and he will start looking for it even more insistently. Do not hide cables and mice, this way you emphasize the role of the computer and the fact that it is difficult for you to fight its influence.

2. Make up games for the kids that involve going outside. A hike in the mountains, a pool or even just a walk in the nearby park.

3. Find friends with kids who think like you and genuinely want their child to play outside and not hang in front of the computer all day.

4. Join his games. Between the ages of 2 and 10, children absorb everything they see in their parents. If you give them an example that riding a bike is real fun, they won't even think about the computer.

5. Go to the circus, puppet theater or concerts. Try to find entertainment that involves going outside.

6. If the weather is not conducive to going out and you have to stay at home, deal with the child The more often he sees you glued to the screen, the more he will want to imitate you. Play monopoly, don't be mad man, or read books together. Anything you offer him to play with will distract him from the idea of ​​playing computer games for hours.

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