How many hours do children sleep at school?

How many hours do children sleep at school?
How many hours do children sleep at school?

How many hours do students sleep at school? First shift, usually means getting up early – for some, early is 5 am, for others 6 am, for others 7 am and any minutes and seconds in addition after that. The problem is that in all of these cases it is earlier than the child's biological clock would determine.

And we know that children need more sleep than adults. Even if they go to bed earlier in the evening, around 8-9 p.m., in the morning it is still difficult for them to get up like soldiers before it gets dark.

But social commitments have long been more important than natural needs. And the school calls them because it is mandatory. In fact, this is not a problem from yesterday and from today, and we all already have it as something completely normal.Almost everyone is obliged to go through this hell of getting up early, to be disgusted enough to take revenge and study and work willingly.

But despite the fact that we supposedly want to optimize and make school life easier, no one has found the strength to change this small detail. You will say - there is no way - there are too many students in the schools of the big cities and therefore they have to study in two shifts. Yes, but you will agree that there were periods when the birth rate was drastically low and at that time instead of deciding to use the school rooms more optimally like learning from later or to have activities and clubs all day, just at that time many schools and especially kindergartens were closed. And not only closed, but also sold and converted to all kinds of other establishments. In a word, the municipal buildings went in completely different directions.

So that only a few years later we will witness a shortage of places in kindergartens.Parents are forced to send their children to private kindergartens or travel to distant neighborhoods. Stupid, ridiculous, that you would even feel like it if you suffered. Maybe it wouldn't be like that if there was adequate planning.

Not to mention that the school program is not adapted to the children's biological clock and their needs. I'm interested in how parents manage in France, where the school day starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m., and there is an option if the child wants to go as early as 8 a.m., where they can keep him occupied for free until 10 a.m. and after school to stay until 6 p.m. And the most interesting thing is that Wednesday is a completely non-school day there - a paradise for children. Sounds like they're running a candy bar too. But still, their educational system has traditions and has proven itself over time to be good.

Not to mention that children do not use stimulants in the form of caffeine like adults. That's why I'm skeptical about their ability to work early in the morning - whether they manage to absorb the material well or just attend class, dozing off or gazing wisely at one point.

Teachers may be satisfied because it is better to have a monologue than a constant noise in class. The students put up and adjust, until they learn to drink coffee like the adults and start making tricks. Having empirically established that in the morning they don't remember anything anyway and just waste time in class, isn't it better to drink coffee with friends at the nearby cafe, wake up nicely and at some point go see what's going on in Daskalo.

Parents - what do they do? Mostly nothing or sandwiches. And the problem remains - as an inevitable evil that must be overcome. Like a barracks to be endured. Yes, but the barracks as far as I know was at most 2 years and the school 12 years. And this is the place where you spend most of your childhood, where you define your worldview, imagine the world and discover the valuable things. And it's no wonder that some find coffee and conversations with friends to be more interesting, and perhaps even more useful, than school subjects.

You will say we have all been there and no one died. It is, but only for the reason that we survived and now have the right to vote - we can change the matrix for generations to come, instead of gloating like the bunny "It sucks, isn't it?"

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