How can students cope with stress?

How can students cope with stress?
How can students cope with stress?

The school year starts with her and the stomach aches, the head and the children's malaise Well, adults get stressed with all these school commitments, so what is left for the children. Back in the day it was called "in autumn with a song" and now I see that September 15th is coming and I'm blacking out. I don't know how you manage to get up early, manage school and all extracurricular activities, homework, tests, etc., but I'm sure at some point parents lose track of what's going on at school.

And maybe the children also lose it and go on autopilot and one day the parents find out that their child really goes to school regularly, but seems to have slept half the material.

How to help children? How can we help ourselves?

It is important to make a weekly schedule

First for us – in a notebook, on the phone or on the computer. To know when we have to take the child to school, when they are in recess, (to call only then if necessary), when they finish school, when there are extracurricular activities… And if we have several students at home, the schedule becomes even more burdensome. Helpers are welcome here - fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, caretakers, helpers… the more, the merrier. If there are no assistants, the advantage is that you don't have to make a calendar with commitments for them either, nor do you have to remind them or have many assistants to understand that no one took care of the children.

We need to write a schedule for the child as well or to control how he did it on his own. That way we'll be more relaxed that he knows what to do after school, where to have lunch, where to go afterwards, and if possible and safe to just go home.

It is important for the child to sleep Of course, so do we. No late movies, no games – It turns out that if we get home at 7pm we'll only have time to eat dinner and have to go to bed to get the 7-8 hours of sleep we need. Schools start at 7:30 a.m., 8 a.m., so the biggest advantage is that the school is as close to home as possible. This will buy us more time to sleep. And the better the children have slept, the more cheerful, focused and he althy they will be.

Relax time Despite the busy curriculum, it is good to provide children with time to relax. Those who are busy all day (school, study hall, other classes) find it almost impossible to rest properly. But we can give them at least half an hour to play their favorite game, draw or just do nothing. If students go home after classes, it will be easy for them to unwind, sleep and have fun. But it's good to teach them, even without you, that they stick to their schedule and learn their lessons on their own.

Meal time. We need to make sure that in between all the extracurricular activities, our children have time to eat something tasty, warm, nutritious and in peace.

Let's not forget physical activity. No matter how busy the children's schedule is, we must find time for some sport. It is best at school so that time does not have to be wasted in moving from one place to another.

Time for fun Well, there must be time for something pleasant. Unless your child thinks school is the coolest experience and doesn't need other pleasures. For everyone else, who are tired, burdened and stressed by school, it is good to invent other entertainments - games with friends, an interesting hobby.

Whatever we do, it is important that the children feel good and live happily the most wonderful years.

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