Parental aggression – vindictive and uncontrollable

Parental aggression – vindictive and uncontrollable
Parental aggression – vindictive and uncontrollable

I don't know if you have had the misfortune to see this statement for yourself, but some parents really miss the first seven years and the so-called emotional intelligence is in the unsatisfactory range for older adults.

We say that children are aggressive – they fight, argue, insult each other. Yes, but with them, these feelings also quickly pass. Today they may be friends, tomorrow they may fight, and the next day they may not pay attention to each other and after a while they will have common interests again. While mothers of children who have quarreled may remain enemies forever. To pull the children and take them to play in the other playground just because there is already the hateful child with his hateful mother and other such insanities.

From whom do children learn aggressive behavior?

If the parents definitely intervene, with their ambitions, with their vision, with their demands, and above all with their aggression and vindictiveness, the processes become uncontrollable. Parental aggression is hundreds of times greater than child aggression. And if research is done, it will be established that child aggression is a consequence of parental aggression, and not the other way around. Because you'll hear parents say, "I'm just defending my child because they beat him!" But if you do it with aggression and revenge and want to lynch other children, then most likely the aggression is a root cause, not a consequence.

Parental malice and vindictiveness is much more striking Imagine when such type of parents try to raise their own children, even if they are spoiled and arrogant, according to their parents, they should to always have a right and to assert that right. When they are guilty of finding fault first in others and never in themselves. What kind of citizens will they become?

These parents are ready to turn all the other children into criminals, to judge and abuse them, without trial and conviction - something that is not done to hardened criminals.To demand a lynching, and without any evidence that the particular other child is to blame for the troubles of their precious offspring. And even when it happened that their child hit another child, they are again ready to exonerate him and blame the others.

The most interesting thing is that this type of parents care neither about the rights of other children, nor about the fact that they can ruin their future or destroy their mental peace and harmony.

If I suffer and others must suffer, if possible a hundred times more. I want others to feel sick and not see daylight! Have you heard this statement? Most likely, yes, because in our lands the maxim "I don't want it to be good for me, I want Vute to be bad too!" But when you hear that coming from a child, and when parents feel they have to encourage their child to think and act along those lines, I think that's a very strong indicator that things are going badly. When such parents, instead of mature people looking for the root cause of things, talking with other parents, with teachers and trying together to find a solution to the problems that have arisen, immediately jump to lynch - we cannot speak of a civilized society.

The worst thing is when parents directly or indirectly convey their feelings and views on matters to their children, then they too become vindictive and aggressive.

In this case their own children suffer because they start to fit in less and less in the children's environment, the other children also suffer because they become victims of the parents in question and children.

Not to mention what a mess it is when the parents themselves begin to take account of each other and snarl like dogs in front of their children. Ugly, sad and hopeless. What kind of upbringing will you give your own child when you curse, release words of aggression and hatred, attack third parties and find fault in the innocent?

Sadly, but it is precisely such parents who "turn their horses around" in Bulgarian schools at the slightest opportunity given to them willingly or unwillingly. They threaten teachers and principals with the ostentatious or not so ostentatious “Do you know who I am? Do you know what I do, etc.n.” and the school boards in question, in order to have peace of mind, prefer to punish the children without knowing whether they are guilty or not, just so they don't have any quarrels with the terrible parents. And victims of these angry parents are sometimes underage eight, nine, ten year old children. And if the parents of those kids get just as angry?

I don't know, do such parents think about what example they are setting for their children and what they are condemning them to? The other kids will learn their lesson - ignore the problem kids in question, stay away from them so the teachers don't bully them and scapegoat them by constantly punishing them, but at what cost?

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