Parents should be educators, psychologists and sexologists

Parents should be educators, psychologists and sexologists
Parents should be educators, psychologists and sexologists

The second forum "Parenthood" of "Gorichka" took place on October 8, 2011 with the same increased interest as the first one last year. Of course, the topics and speakers were different and new, but again the emphasis was modern parenting Specialists from various fields took the stage - pedagogues, psychologists, philosophers, but also "ordinary" curious, experimenters and innovative parents.

World trends and Bulgarian practices in upbringing and education from infancy to adolescence were presented. The audience eagerly devoured the presentations of Hristina Mashkova, Teodora Zareva, Veselin Dafov, Teodor Vassilev, Maya Kalpacheva, Gergana Georgieva, Irena Mladenova, Emilia Krainova, Yavor Johnev, Petya Horozova, Ani Kotseva, Maria Chomarova, Olya Dukat, Miroslav Dolapchiev, Rumen Petrov

Here are some memorable moments:

Hristina Mashkova – parent, Parent cooperatives

“Regardless of how and where you decide to raise your children (in a parenting cooperative, private or public nursery or kindergarten), you should not worry if they do not listen to you. You have to worry about them always watching you.”

Teodora Zareva – teacher, Together in class

“When our children lose their ability to dream and ask for the impossible, then we have trampled it. The most important quality for a teacher is to believe in his students. Then they can do the impossible. I want the children to see meaning in their school, in themselves and in their future."

Veselin Dafov – philosopher, The wisdom of children

“Adults should treat the child as a rational being. Children have property - first of all it is their physical body, then their feelings, their knowledge, their skills, etc.We offer them different topics of conversation and wisdom together - such as Why do we brush our teeth? or Why do we have to go to school?”

Maya Kalcheva - parent, Montessori Method

“I am a big experimenter and our children are our guinea pigs. The child is the focus. We, the parents, need to monitor and support our children to develop. To actively communicate with our children."

Gergana Georgieva - parent, The Waldolf Method

“We do not advocate early intellectualization. Until the age of 7, the child must play. It is important to learn the rhythm in its various forms - days, weeks, seasons, years. Toys don't have a finished look to develop children's imagination and take on different roles.

Irena Mladenova – Suggestopedia is harmony

Irena introduced the "Suggestopedia" method, the goal of which is to help children love learning. Suggestopedia is a Bulgarian, phenomenal method for acquiring knowledge in a very short period of time. Its authors are psychiatrists Dr. Lozanov and Dr. Gateva.

Emilia Krainova – Communication without violence

“Let's raise our children in emotional literacy first, as intellectual literacy begins at a later age. To express our emotions, to admit them internally, not even out loud. The emotion will not disappear, but it will decrease - that is empathy. To realize the full potential of positive and negative emotions."

Maria Chomarova from association "Animus"

“Sex and death are the most important topics in life. We need to teach our children how to deal with sex, how to be intimate, how to deal with death. That's the job of responsible parents, not teachers."

Often the presentations were interrupted by spontaneous applause, as a reward for the witty approach and well-aimed idea. Interesting, how our mothers and fathers brought us up when once there were no educational forums and such rich educational literature for parents!

And this time the organizers offered 15 inspiring and contagious examples of happy parenting How can you not want to start talking, playing and communicating with your child in new ways - almost as real professionals – pedagogues, psychologists, philosophers and sexologists. There is no way our children will not grow into calm, confident, contented, purposeful, active, joyful, emotionally and sexually literate adults.

Photo view from the forum

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