What are our children seeing online?

What are our children seeing online?
What are our children seeing online?

No, they don't see awesomeness in randome search or whatever randomly.

But our children see things that we haven't even thought about, and to a large extent it is us who "serve them"

  • What do we write on our Facebook walls (because we most likely have friends there);
  • what our friends write and upload on their walls (and we have liked, commented); What their teachers and their friends write and comment on (because they are their friends too);
  • They see every banner promising them a free iPhone or tablet or any gadget (yes, over 80% of the kids I met during the Safe Surfing campaign had seen and well over 50% had clicked on this banner);
  • And yes, - kids believe they'll get an iPad or some fancy trinket for free if they leave their personal details…;
  • Yes, our kids can freely order online and they do without even knowing…

T. f. social networks repeatedly increase the noise for our children and shorten any distance between their society and that of adults. This is for children between 1st and 5-6th grade. after that, most learn and have two (or more) fb profiles - one for parents, teachers, society and one for friends, classmates, new acquaintances.

Our children live in a real digital jungle. They do well in it. The ones who don't do well are us, the parents. And there is no school for that.

Author - Justin Thoms. The article is from her personal blog smiling.webreality.org.

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