Socialization begins with kindergarten

Socialization begins with kindergarten
Socialization begins with kindergarten

One of the advantages of kindergartens that psychologists and sociologists mention is that the child begins his journey in the wilds of socialization in society. A skill that is undeniably very important for survival and success in the modern world.

Maybe the way you've been going since then is the way your whole life is going. My first memories of daycare are some kid biting me in a rage and I always came back with scars on my hands. Perhaps I should not be surprised that even today various people show their teeth when communicating with me.

My next memory is from escape from socialization – we were playing chase and a snotty Stoyancho kept trying to catch me. Determined to escape this kind of socialization at all costs, one day I broke my head and I have a wonderful visible memory to this day.

So my point is that socialization in kindergartens and nurseries, not to mention the school, is never like in the textbooks and in the sweet stories of the persons concerned.

Indeed, children meet their first friends there - they understand that some are much nicer to them than others and can silently send each other sock boats.

This is the time when many of us get our first life lessons what it's like to hurt, what it's like to be alone, what it's like to help someone, to take blame or to be ashamed of your actions.

That is why it is very important what kind of teachers children meet, how they behave with them and what message they send. Perhaps more than any other profession, people who deal with children have to go through various psychotests and be positive, confident and satisfied with life.

Unfortunately, the real situation of most such cadres is no better than the average level of a Bulgarian - survival, worry, dissatisfaction.And thousands of parents who want to solve their own survival and their own problems are forced to send their children to kindergartens, where children meet again with the spirit of their time. And that's socialization!

Again we come to the painful question for many parents - which is better - to watch our child as a written egg only at home as much as we can or to throw him into the stormy emotions of life not yet able to say its name? Perhaps some middle ground is preferable, but I think as we approach September this is a good opportunity for discussion and reflection. What socialization is best for our children and what are our memories of kindergarten.

I think that kindergarten is by no means to be underestimated, because it actually turns out that most children spend a large part of their first seven years precisely there. And if in the first grade the teacher blames the parents - why their children miss the first seven years, then what follows - they blame themselves for sending them to a bully kindergarten or for seeing them only 2 hours a day from work.

Continuing like this, at some point we will start asking ourselves - are we the parents, are we the ones who educate. And if we don't have a practical opportunity to be with our children, then we have to refine our choices much more carefully. And do we even have a choice?

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