4 simple rules for personal money

4 simple rules for personal money
4 simple rules for personal money

Not everyone has a higher economic education, but even children should know a few basic rules for handling personal money.

1. Spend less than you earn. Your salary is BGN 1,000 per month - spend BGN 900 and save BGN 100.

2. Increase your financial literacy. Follow the news in the financial sphere, seek advice from an economist or accountant for important steps in the family that affect money - buying/selling a home or land, renting a property.

3. Take a loan only as a last resort, if it is profitable and justified - for example, under the "Energy Efficiency" program; for vital things - medical surgery, housing, etc.

4. Save. Gone are the days of "Burkan Bank" and "Golden Babin Mattress". The safest place for money is the bank. Another option is to put money into a pension fund.

5. Only give a loan to a friend or relative as a last resort. You have to keep in mind that he may not return them to you. Then you have no choice but to ruin your relationship.

Be disciplined and follow the four principles. Some people are born frugal and have a good sense of money. Others spend emotionally and then regret it. Assign the management of the family budget to the one who is more financially stable and responsible. Establish family money rules as early as the honeymoon. This way you will avoid future quarrels, because it is known that the most common scandals in the family happen because of money.

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