Phrases to repeat to each other in difficult moments

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Phrases to repeat to each other in difficult moments
Phrases to repeat to each other in difficult moments

With the end of the old year, we get advice from everywhere about what to do in the new year, what endeavors to start, what is the most useful to eat in the new year and what not. Our relationships, our finances, our relationships with loved ones - as if there is a solution for everything. But that's not always the case. Sometimes things can go so wrong that we never imagined. If something irreparable happens that messes up our whole life for a second, we feel powerless to deal with the situation. In such cases, it is good to repeat a few simple phrases:

I can

This phrase is extremely important to believe in the seemingly impossible, to believe in our own strength, to believe that we can cope with all trials. Often times it is difficult to believe in our abilities and that we will do it, but by repeating to ourselves "I can!" somehow we start to believe that it is possible! And it becomes possible! The power is within us.

I will do it

No matter how difficult the situation may seem, no matter how difficult the emotions are to master, we must keep repeating to ourselves that we can do it - to get back on our feet and continue. Come up with a reason - for someone, for something, for yourself! It doesn't matter as long as it helps you gather your strength. Regardless of the pain and disappointment, it is good to repeat to yourself that nothing is impossible and that you will be able to do what you need to do. Imagine the future positively, nurture good hopes. Even if they don't come to fruition, don't despair.

I must

Never give up. This is one of the worst things a person can do. To give up is to miss an opportunity, to miss meeting someone. We must find the strength to deal with difficulties. When we repeat the imperative form "must" somehow the mind is mobilized, we feel as if there is no other option but to do what we must. And we succeed! With more faith in yourself and your abilities!

And "must" doesn't just mean directing orders to ourselves "Must" also applies to the fact that we must be among our relatives and friends, we must take care for ourselves, we must find time for the people we love, we must seek help if needed. Take this imperative form as a personal exhortation to your best.

No matter how many difficulties you encounter on your way, it is good to learn to respond to them. It is clear that humans are powerless against many things that happen around us, we cannot control our fate, but we can learn to learn from what happens. We can adjust to the changes and shocks that we receive and learn to adapt to the new, to change events to our advantage.

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