Games for good memory

Games for good memory
Games for good memory

Good memory and concentration require constant nourishment. Not only should we consume more fish products, nuts, vitamins and minerals, but also stimulate the thinking process. Our brain is like a machine that needs to be driven regularly. It is important to exercise our brain regularly, just as we exercise any other part of the body.

According to studies, physical exercise and memory boosting games can help reduce anxiety and stress. The brain is flexible, and this flexibility develops throughout life. If we want to improve our mental functions, we must not stop working on ourselves.

Even reading the favorite book we stimulate its function and strengthen our mental abilities. The good thing is that we can do it while having fun. Even during the holidays, we don't stop exercising our mental flexibility. How?

When we play with the kids. All children love to put together puzzles, adults too. When we play strategy games like card game or other board social games. With them, we have to think in logical models.

We shouldn't overlook computer games either. As much as some people deny them, they are definitely thought provoking and we are faced with solving complex situations. The games are good to change to alternate their level of difficulty.

Physical activity reduces the death of brain cells that occurs with age. Do cardio at least three times a week.

Relaxation is also important for a good memory. It is characterized by more sleep (when you can), massages, deep breathing, meditation, yoga, music therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy and others. With all of them, we not only relax the tension in our body, but also free the thought from the excess load. All this helps to overcome stress and to be more concentrated and memorable.

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