This one is useless

This one is useless
This one is useless

Have you heard this about yourself - "This/that one is of no use…" This expression is one of the most common in the Bulgarian lands.

Those who failed to hear him should not think of themselves as very great and universal favorites - they are simply either too high or surrounded by people who spare them and flatter them. Otherwise, no one is passed, and neither is his mother.

If you don't believe it, do an experiment. Just share that you are one who is going to marry a very rich foreigner, for example, or your boss has settled, one is where… and you will learn incredible secrets, you will even find out where the corpses are buried.

I have always been amazed at this incredible Bulgarian gift, other nations may also possess it - foreigners can have their say on the matter.

And the funniest thing is that you can only hear the phrase "This is good for nothing" behind your back… from well-wishers… you are the one who said about you… of course not, I - I you know a lot I respect even when I'm not drunk. However, if you are so brutally honest and hate intrigue and immediately go straight to asking "Why did you say so-and-so about me, what do you think I should change?" you will unfortunately not hear any constructive criticism, especially, if fate has placed you in an upward gradation in relation to the critic in question, then you will hear how talented and talented you are and so on and so on, and finally you will cry to yourself "Wow, am I really sclerosing already, how much alcohol did I drink this one, did you come drunk?", but everything will be smeared with slime around. Brrrr… If he doesn't start praising you directly, what a refined taste you have in clothes, how conscientious you are at work, how well you take care of your children… you can actually ask at some point, if you can stop the rants… "Actually, we for whom were we talking about i dropped the thread?”

The truth is that in many cases it is these refrainers who are right and in 90% of the same cases it is they who are to blame for the fact that you have remained incompetent. You will ask why?

Well, very simply because when they were your bosses, they didn't bother investing in you at all, even if they didn't have to take money out of their own pockets. You quietly and meekly enslaved them, they slowly and systematically drained you and finally "how to be smart, beautiful and intelligent" as they directly or indirectly all the time tried to use you only. Complexes were destroyed, they were afraid. The lady has seen herself that she can barely put things together, and she's fat, and how can she send you to a seminar where you're both out of your mind, and you look like you stepped out of the covers of a magazine, right away they'll notice you and notice the differences. So, as you can see, it is not easy to promote the cadres. One thing is that it's not easy, and another thing is that it's downright dangerous.

Some people deliberately do not invest in their subordinates, lest you begin to understand more of what they do not understand, but they are their bosses, and you try to replace them. Maybe they will increase your salary a lot and you will start buying nicer dresses than theirs or you will fit more than them and overshadow them. Have I said it somewhere that if you work for a woman with the pretensions of a fashion designer, it is absolutely necessary that you wear more loose clothes than her so that she can lecture you. Respectively, this also applies to everything else. And it's important to listen. But carefully!

These people seem to be of the opinion that they will live forever and that they and their children will run the business and the others are just part of the bolts, screws, nuts… And that's actually how it turns out… and that's the sad truth in this country. However, the bolts, screws, and nuts in question are not so stupid - one by one they go to others, but the problem is that others have the same mentality and the same understanding, and in the end you say to yourself "if there is no prokopsia…" if you can do your own thing to you find stupider bolts, screws, nuts… if not, /which is more likely/ you are secretly content to shout to yourself "how stupid this pig is, but it's a big deal.“

However, the problem comes when a person among subordinates really needs to show skills, to manage something - after all, no one is the many-handed Shiva, although in Bulgaria many people dispute this title and suddenly the truth shines - "I don't have we prepared anyone? Aww, what? How come we've collected so many bad guys?

Well let's think about it again… because all the time we were afraid that they would sit us in the chair; because we have deliberately chosen incompetents and because the decent ones have come to their senses and have escaped us a long time ago. That's why things won't change and we'll be left with the refrain: "This/that one is of no use!" And we'll laugh at the jokes that in hell with the Bulgarian cauldron there will be no need for devils to push those who want to get away because the others below will do this work diligently and without getting paid.

Are you saying we are not one of those, like Siike, we don't have such words and thoughts? Think again and then start throwing stones in the neighbor's garden. After all, one never knows what kind of cauldron we will find ourselves in one day. And even if we think of ourselves as very lofty and on a cloud, it's still the same. We will have to put up with the same.

And maybe, most likely, surely, it will take us to change. One day…someday…someday. Let the other one start first. right?

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