Work clothes eat up 18% of the salary

Work clothes eat up 18% of the salary
Work clothes eat up 18% of the salary

Women strive to dress a certain way to make an impression at work and spend 18 percent of their salary on a "work wardrobe," writes the Daily email", quoted by The results are from a survey conducted in Great Britain by the company "Marketing and Communications".

One in four ladies revealed that they intentionally changed their dressing style to compete with their colleagues.

60% of women have bought with the hope that they will help them climb the career ladder.

The study also shows that ladies feel guilty about labeling their colleagues based on their dressing style.

Over 50 percent of female employees admit that they judge other women by what they wear to work. About a third of women worry about what others will think of them if they appear in the same clothes too often.

The authors of the study found that women adopt these tactics not only to compete with their colleagues for higher positions. Most ladies feel that in times of recession they have a better chance of career growth if they stay in the same job instead of looking for a new job.

“Intentionally or not, we are to some extent guilty of labeling our colleagues by judging their clothing. The unfavorable economic climate causes employees to adopt different tactics, driven by the desire to move up the corporate ladder," says Joanna Williams from the company that commissioned the study, writes BTA.

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