Tips to make it easier to find a job

Tips to make it easier to find a job
Tips to make it easier to find a job

The unemployment rate is rising and accordingly competition for jobs is becoming much greater. What can we rely on besides our professionalism? Luck, fate, coincidence? We won't rule them out completely, but we shouldn't rely solely on them. One must be awake, to be interested, to contact, to help to be helped.

While still at the university, you can inquire whether internships with companies are available for newly graduated students. Even if the proposal is not very good, it is at least a step forward. Experience is valued and is preferred over an excellent degree. In case you don't get hired anywhere within a certain time frame, consider doing some volunteer workThe conditions will probably be more difficult and the reward will be purely moral, but at some point your efforts will be rewarded. Likewise, attending workshops and seminars will only add to your resume.

Make a business card and always have a few on hand. You never know when you will run into your potential future employer. Include only basic data - name, phone, e-mail, website. Bet on an interesting design - so the business card will not just be a piece of paper in the wallet of the person opposite.

Understand the history, development, current situation of the company you would like to work for and have applied for. That way, if you get called for an interview and happen to be asked a question that requires this knowledge, you'll be prepared and make a good impression.

In the shower, alone in the car or in any place where you are alone and at peace - interview yourself. Ask yourself questions of any type, make it difficult for yourself so that you are overwhelmed and when you do face the interviewer at some point, you are ready for any development of the situation.

Be friendly Some might say it's being polite, but try to be as open as possible with those around you. Responsiveness, goodwill, perseverance are qualities that are valued and go hand in hand with a successful career.

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