How to go out for a drink with the boss without losing your job?

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How to go out for a drink with the boss without losing your job?
How to go out for a drink with the boss without losing your job?

If you've ever been in an informal setting with your boss, you probably know how difficult it is to judge how best to behave. You will certainly be nervous if you and your boss are not particularly close. Imagine that your boss invited you out for a drink, you are at a team building event, or the company organizes an evening with your colleagues to bring together the team at a bar after work. In all cases, alcohol is involved, and when it's present between you and your boss, things can go wrong.

How to go out for drinks with your boss without losing your job in the morning?

Be natural

There is nothing more irritating than posing at a time when your boss expects you to be as natural and candid as possible. Remember that your boss is also human and prefers human behavior in an informal environment. Have as much fun and relax without overstepping your bounds and you'll be fine.

Don't act like you're on certification

Break the ice and try not to interfere with your work and achievements in it, your contribution to the company, as well as your incredible desire and zest for work. Relax and don't act like you're in a job interview or taking a certification. Talk about your interests. Find a common thread to help you connect on a personal level with your boss.

Don't grease yourself

The worst strategy is to take advantage of the informal setting and try to kiss your boss's ass. This can get you serious black points not only from him but also from colleagues if they attend this scene.

Avoid negative talk

Don't veer into negative talk on any occasion about co-workers or the nature of work. Even if your boss asks you for this type of opinion, exit the situation gracefully and avoid direct answers. It is not a good idea to point out weaknesses in the company and share them with him over a cup of coffee. The probability that they will be received negatively is quite high.

Don't get too drunk

Obviously you know it, but we have to mention it. Binge drinking can cost you your job. It can be interpreted in a way that is unpleasant for you. Also, if you get too drunk, you never know what you'll do or say. Therefore, know your measure well and protect yourself from cracks.

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