5 is a sign that perfectionism is getting in your way

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5 is a sign that perfectionism is getting in your way
5 is a sign that perfectionism is getting in your way

can be both a positive and a negative trait. Its negative side comes mostly for yourself, not for others, not for your career, and definitely not for all the things you deal with on a daily basis and that you like to experience. Perfectionism can play a bad joke on you emotionally and psychologically. When it starts to occupy too large dimensions, it turns from a positive to a negative quality. Then it starts interfering not only with your personal life but also with your professional life.

Setting realistic and achievable goals is extremely important to being successful. These limits include the failures and mistakes you will make. They are important lessons to learn on the path to success and achieving goals. Refusing to make mistakes just to be perfect has its downsides, and you'll probably feel them at some point.

What are the signs that your perfectionism is actually holding you back?


If you're always procrastinating out of fear that you'll fail, it's a sign of extreme perfectionism that's hurting you. You are waiting for the right, the right moment, you doubt your abilities and you are waiting to gain more experience, to develop. You refuse a promotion because you don't see yourself as deserving or capable. You're not looking for a new job because you're not sure you'll be perfect. You don't jump into a new relationship because you don't think the time is right. All these signs indicate that it's time to relax a little and realize that there are no perfect people.

You make constant revisions

When you do something you finish it, but then you go back to check your own work. You doubt you did it well. You want to make it even better. You always see your flaws instead of celebrating your victories.

You feel like you're not good enough

It is good for a person to have a real and true, objective assessment of himself and his abilities. But when everyone is happy with you and tells you so, and you don't believe them, this is a sign of painful and extreme perfectionism. Adhering to realistic standards will bring you much more peace of mind, balance and the opportunity to actually achieve success and develop.

You experience constant anxiety and stress at work and at home

Stress can be experienced for many reasons. One of them is the excessive desire to be perfect in everything you do. Everyone wants to be good at their profession, to be a good partner or husband, but there are no perfect people. The sooner you accept your flaws and live in peace with them, the sooner you will free yourself from the harmful stress that makes you sick.

You have negative self-esteem

In search of perfection, very often people go to extremes and are overly critical of themselves. In this way, you do not help yourself, on the contrary, you stumble on the way to success and the achievement of goals and small victories in life.

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