5 caused New Year's resolutions to fail

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5 caused New Year's resolutions to fail
5 caused New Year's resolutions to fail

is the best time to take stock. This is the moment when, again like the previous year, we promise to change our lives. One of the most common promises is to lose weight, to finally be motivated and strict in exercising, to change our job for a better one. Too often we fail on these promises.

If this is the case with you, see what are the reasons why our New Year's resolutions do not become reality. We ourselves are the basis.

You take the marathon as a sprint

One of the reasons you lose motivation easily is lack of patience. For example, if you have decided to lose weight and this does not happen within the first two months of the new year, you quickly return to your old harmful eating habits. To really be able to keep your New Year's resolution, it's important to be patient and not take everything as a sprint. Persistence will help you achieve your goals.

Putting the cart before the horse

When you make resolutions to do something in the new year or to change your life in some way, getting ahead of events will play a bad joke on you. Focus on the actions you need to take, not the end results. They will come after you have done your best to achieve your goals.

You don't believe in yourself

The pessimism and underestimation of one's own capabilities are at the root of our failures. If we learn to believe in ourselves more, know our qualities well and use them on the way to achieving our goals, we will be able to keep our New Year's resolutions much easier.

You are not enjoying the process

Very often people make the mistake of rushing too much and getting frustrated when they don't succeed. They give up along the way because they only look to the top and don't enjoy the process of achieving their goals.

Not tracking your progress

In order not to lose our motivation and not to despair, it is important to look not only at the final results, but at everything we have fought and achieved in the process of change. Positive thinking and a positive outlook can help us throughout our progress. They help to keep our motivation alive and not to give up, but to appreciate every small victory on the way to our big goal.

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