3 fitness goal setting mistakes that are holding you back

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3 fitness goal setting mistakes that are holding you back
3 fitness goal setting mistakes that are holding you back

When we decide to finally do something new with our body and make it look perfect, we set fitness goals. We choose a diet to follow and begin the struggle. It is often when setting goals that we make our first mistakes. The wrong ones can not only prevent us from succeeding but also harm us.

Mistake 1 – Treating Your Body As The Enemy

If you fight against your body with hatred and bitterness, it will fight back in kind. The body will fight to the last to maintain its status quo and make it as difficult as possible for you to reduce weight and release excess fat.

When you make a new plan for, you force your body to change its way of functioning until recently. It is normal to meet resistance from his side. Most of the time when you work out, you work out harder than you should because you can't wait to get your dream figure. You don't eat as much as you used to. You drastically reduce calories, which causes the body and muscles to suffer. That's why you don't see the long-awaited results. The body goes into fat storage mode.

To really succeed, you need to set more realistic goals that are less short-term and more balanced. Stepwise acceleration of the load and gradual reduction of calorie intake is a mechanism by which you manage to deceive your brain that nothing has changed. So it won't go into "emergency mode" and will smoothly adapt to your new mode. In this way, the tightening of the muscles will happen not only effectively, but also he althily.

Mistake number 2 – using social media to set your goals

Social networks have become a powerful tool for influence. Often people compare and guide their opinion and actions according to the trend in the networks. This is an obstacle to a he althy lifestyle, because not everything we see and read on the Internet is generally valid, even less useful for us as an individual organism.

Therefore, if you have decided to take an example from and blindly trust an influencer, take your time. Remember that your goals are yours alone and should be tailored to the individual characteristics of your body and organism. It would be best if you consult a nutritionist or specialist who will assess which exercise and food regime are most suitable for you. Not everything you see online is the best.

Mistake number 3 – choosing goals that don't make sense to you

Most people choose some fitness goals thinking that they work for everyone. Most often, these goals hide rapid and drastic changes, which the body perceives as extreme stress and blocks the change. This is one of the most damaging decisions you can make for your body transformation. The planning stage is very important and should be considered only and only according to your individual characteristics. The transition to your new lifestyle should happen smoothly so that the body can get used to it and not activate its resistance mechanisms to hold on to fat and weight.

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