The mistakes you are making in your butt workouts

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The mistakes you are making in your butt workouts
The mistakes you are making in your butt workouts

If you think squatting at home in front of the TV will get you Kim Kardashian's butt, you're wrong. You may even visit the gym regularly several times a week, but this is no guarantee of success and achieving the dream shape of the buttocks.

Some mistakes you are probably making are preventing you from achieving your dream butt. Here's who they are.

You don't focus on form

It's not enough to just do butt exercises. It is necessary to outline in advance exactly the shape you want to achieve and work in this direction. To correct the shape of the buttocks, it is necessary to train certain muscles, and not to "shoot" in directions.

Do one or two exercises each time

Musculature gets used to the uniformity of movement. This reduces the results. To challenge your muscles, try new movements, alternating with familiar ones. This will help you achieve your goals.

You're not using enough weights

To develop the musculature and make it round you need to add weight to your own. You can use not only dumbbells, barbells or dumbbells, but also add medical bands to your workout to increase muscle resistance.

Your diet is all wrong

In order to build proper muscle mass, you must follow a strict diet. Breaking it ruins the results so far and reverses the process. Stick to the prepared diet.

Your goals are not realistic

In the age of the perfect physical public image, it's easy to get stuck in an unrealistic idea of what your body should look like. This is how depressions, obsessions, unhe althy practices arise in the name of goals that are unattainable for your body. The individual approach and assessment of one's own capabilities is very important.

You're doing too much cardio

Cardio training is extremely important for improving endurance, reducing weight and fat tissue, speeding up metabolism. However, if one overdoes them, accumulating and shaping muscle mass becomes almost impossible.

You miss vacation days

It is no coincidence that coaches recommend setting days for the body to rest. This is not a fad, but a mandatory element of the training program. In order for the muscle to develop, it needs enough time to rest from the load, to restore its fibers, to feed itself properly. Otherwise, the muscle tissue suffers and this is one of the reasons for the lack of success.

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