The worst early morning habits

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The worst early morning habits
The worst early morning habits

Morning is the hardest time of the day for most people. Getting up early is a real pain. To cope with the half-open eyes, the heavy legs that do not lift from fatigue and the stiff back, we almost crawl to the kitchen to make coffee. Smokers also light a cigarette with their morning coffee. So the "picture" becomes complete!

Yes, however, the listed habits are absolutely and categorically harmful. Unfortunately, if you want to stay he althy, you'll even have to eliminate caffeine from your morning routine.

So what are the worst morning habits that most of us have. They harm the whole rhythm of life and ruin he alth imperceptibly!

You are addicted to the alarm

How many of you can proudly raise your hand and say that you wake up alone before the alarm goes off? The lucky ones will probably be extremely few, we are sure.

You can get rid of this bad habit that messes up your biological clock. Just start going to bed earlier, it's very important. Leave the curtains or blinds up so that the morning sun can tell your eyes that it's time to get up.

Every time you go to bed remind yourself of what should wake you up. It will take approximately 2-3 weeks, but it will work. Natural wake-up mechanisms are much more helpful than an alarm.

Checking your phone

We all do, especially today with our modern phones, which are, in addition to everything else, computers that store much of the information we need for our daily commitments.

We always rush to look at them. It's the first thing we do after we stop the alarm. Psychologists recommend that this behavior be excluded from your regime. The phone shouldn't be on the nightstand at all, to be precise. This is because of the harmful radiation that reflects on your he alth and in extreme proximity.

Also, the phone is a source of stress, so make sure it's not the first thing you touch at the very beginning of your day.

You get out of bed like a fighter

Many people jump out of bed at the last minute because they overslept for another 5 minutes, then another 5, and another 5… You end up jumping up like you've been stung because you're late and you haven't even showered.

This huge stress is harmful to the body, and what's worse is that he endures it every day. Tension builds up, which interferes with the functioning of organs and systems, no matter how imperceptible it may seem to you.


Smokers take note! If you are a smoker, you should know that smoking early in the morning after getting up is the most harmful thing possible! Inhaled cigarette smoke in the morning doubles the risk of tumor diseases, according to recent research.

Smokers who smoke from noon onwards have far lower risks of developing malignant diseases.

Furthermore, the digestive system has not yet begun to secrete its juices and enzymes. Smoke and caffeine entering the stomach can cause serious problems.

Drinking coffee

Coffee lovers are convinced that it helps them wake up in the morning and that they cannot start their day without a cup of hot coffee. This is an absolute myth that harms he alth.

Caffeine on an empty stomach is one of the most harmful things for the body early in the morning. Instead, you can start with a glass of warm water with lemon or a cup of green tea. Eat fresh fruit. These habits are much more gentle and beneficial for the body than caffeine. Its time only comes around 10-11 o'clock before noon, after you have activated your body.

Work without meals

In our hectic commitments, we often forget to eat during the day. There comes a time when we come home hungry and fill our body with excess calories.

While working, the brain needs food to balance the lost energy. The same goes for the body if your job is physically demanding. Don't let yourself starve. Always keep at least a handful of nuts around to give you the fat you need. A fresh fruit or vegetable will fill you with carbohydrates, which are necessary for the work of the brain.

You don't plan your day

The chaotic flow of the day is stressful for the nervous system and the body in general. In the morning, while you have breakfast, you can arrange your commitments so that you don't have to run around like crazy without being able to get anything done.

So your day will go even smoother, fuller and happier in the end.

You are getting angry

Sometimes we wake up in a good mood for no apparent reason, other times not quite. If you find yourself waking up grumpy for some reason, just breathe into a more cheerful sense of self.

If it's not all about attitude, play some nice music while you get dressed or do some relaxing activity like a little aerobics for example.

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