Why is it good to do training in the morning?

Why is it good to do training in the morning?
Why is it good to do training in the morning?

Early in the morning we are all sleepy and the last thing we want to do is exercise! We prefer to sit in front of the TV while drinking warm coffee before work. In the evening after a tiring workday full of commitments, worries, problems, training is again the last thing we want to hear about!

Often laziness prevails and simply keeping in good shape remains somewhere in the plans for next year that we subconsciously know we will not fulfill.

There is evidence that exercise is most beneficial early in the morning,and if you're determined to keep fit, it's good to do it then.

You will start your day with an accelerated metabolism. This means you will burn off the food you eat during the day much faster than if you sat at a desk all day.

You will be better able to focus. You are less likely to get distracted if you regularly exercise in the morning. The brain is mobilized and the endorphins that are released during physical activity improve its analytical abilities.

In the early morning you will avoid the crowds at the gym. It is always very annoying when you have to wait for an appliance.

If the thought of a crowded gym terrifies you, you can avoid it altogether. Choose a nice jog in the nearby park in the fresh air as long as there is no fog. There's nothing more invigorating than that.

With a suitable start to the day, you create an attitude for he althy tone and cheerfulness throughout the day. The rush of endorphins improves your mood, you feel your energy strong and unceasing. This predisposes you to eat he althy food too.

If you can't spare that much time for a full morning workout, you don't have to You can wake up 10 minutes earlier and do light exercises at home. This is also relevant. You'll have time to do some sit-ups, squats, and arm movements. You'll feel recharged again!

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