How to wake up more cheerful early in the morning?

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How to wake up more cheerful early in the morning?
How to wake up more cheerful early in the morning?

Getting up early is a real challenge. Some people never get used to this physical and emotional burden. We keep telling ourselves that tomorrow we will go to bed earlier, but that never happens. The vicious cycle of sleep deprivation makes getting up early even more terrifying.

There are some things you could do to start waking up fresh, energetic and active early in the morning. It's not impossible.

Start Enforcing Mode

Without mode, it cannot be done. Every day of the week, start going to bed earlier and earlier. And so, until you specify the right time for you to go to bed. If you listen to your body, it will be easy for you to register it.


It is the deviations in the sleep-wake schedule that cause the difficulty in getting up, not the early rising itself.

Turn everything off before bed

Turn off your phone, laptop, TV, lights – everything! Before you go to bed, and during the entire sleep, your body should rest in complete darkness and without the passage of various waves emitted by the various devices through your room.

All this is important to release the necessary amounts of melatonin, so important for he althy sleep.

When you get up, ventilate and do some exercise

Getting fresh air early in the morning is very important for starting the processes in the body and giving an energetic start to the day. Even if it's cold outside - dress well and open the windows wide. Take a deep breath of fresh air. Then do a morning dose of exercise. You will feel extremely fresh, awakened and recharged.

Make the environment conducive

The temperature in the room must be within certain limits for a good sleep. It should not exceed 25 degrees for your body to feel comfortable. Light should be absent during sleep. Appliances should be turned off or away from your bedroom.


You should always have water on the bedside table, so that if you get drunk, it is nearby. Dehydration, even at night, makes sleep difficult and getting up more difficult.

Find out exactly how much sleep your body needs

Each organism has its individual characteristics. This is why the eight hour rule may not apply to you. Some people wake up refreshed after 6 hours, even less.

Others need more than 8 hours of sleep. That's why it's important to track how your body feels in order to predict exactly how many hours to "give" it. Accordingly, your going to bed will have to be consistent with getting up.

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