The right choice of colors for your business card

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The right choice of colors for your business card
The right choice of colors for your business card

Creating a business card is a process where you need to take into account several basic elements. Color and logo usually make the first connection between a potential customer and your business. The right choice of these elements and their combination should send the right messages to anyone you would like to make your partner.

The business card is a reflection of your image, of communication with customers and business partners. When choosing the color of your business card, it is good to consider the psychological meaning of colors in business. Often when ordering a business card you choose your favorite colors.

Don't rush to choose a color before you know what message it conveys to the other party. Colors are important in attracting customers, so the following few tips will help you create the perfect business card.

First of all, consider what industry your business is in

For each industry or niche there is a different color that is used for better identification. For example, pink or orange are suitable for a sector focused on the production or distribution of children's goods, black and gray are often used for the fashion business and for the luxury goods business.

The combination of colors is also a good idea and it is often used when it comes to marketing, advertising, graphic design and other related art.

Consider your target audience

Define the group of people you want to reach. This can help you a lot in choosing your business card color and logo. The right combination is key to attracting the other party.

If you are targeting a younger audience, you can afford to use brighter colors and avoid black and brown because they are perceived as boring. If your business is related to flowers and gardening supplies, for example, you can use red color, yellow, orange and make a combination between them.


Follow your company colors

Every company has its colors. This will make it much easier for you to choose a business card. Use the company colors and add some light accents like another color or another element for example. Company colors are part of your branding.

The best colors for corporate business cards are:


If the background of the card is black, use silver, gold or white color for the inscription.

Dark Blue

Exudes professionalism, trust, honesty. This color can be the main color or added to the white background of the card in combination with silver.

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