The avalanche of anger in the office

The avalanche of anger in the office
The avalanche of anger in the office

It's clear that everyone gets angry that we live in an imperfect world and cause as much irritation as you want. But how do we vent our anger and on whom? This is the painful question?!

Because no matter how much we read positive books, to follow the rules of feng shui, of Christian charity and so on and so forth, when we get burned under our feet we let off steam on the first person we meet.

And according to the laws of lava everything starts at the top. The boss was angry about something, be it small or big, but once the avalanche starts, it's hard to stop.

Few are the daredevils who try to shout at someone higher than them. Especially the bigger bosses never allow themselves to lash out at their direct superior, because they know that if they lash out, they will fall from a pretty high place. And there begins a shaking, a screaming, a grunting, a freezing and an eruption, depending on the temperament, mentality and habits. And on the principle of the avalanche, everyone affected directly or indirectly in the situation is swept away. Quite unpleasant situations arise. Whether they pour hot lava over you or icy cold - the effect is the same - they destroy your self-esteem and hence your defenses, your immunity… they tear your peace of mind and shake your nerves and he alth. And subconsciously this lava, having captured you once, pushes to come out and continue its destructive drive. You have to be very strong mentally, very magnanimous and wise to be able to hold her back and stop her. Such people are rare. And usually the lava or cold avalanche stops itself at the weakest in the chain.

No one is fascinated by being scolded and insulted, yelled at and taught like a little child. Things that parents should not allow themselves to do with their children. But, no matter how much we curse our souls and say "my boss is a soulful person, he would never do that", the fact is that the situation is not like that for the other 90 percent. And the other thing, we regularly swear that we would never, ever allow ourselves to behave in such a way with our colleagues. And when he burns us under our feet, without even wanting to allow ourselves some other insulting qualification at someone's address, some other accusation, sarcastic tone, the list is long. The lower we are in the food company or corporate chain and the more they have managed to trample our self-esteem, the more painful it is for us and the worse it affects our he alth.

And if this remained only in the work it would be wonderful. But unfortunately, these misunderstandings and anger are carried over to the home, either consciously or subconsciously. And those closest to us take it. Most often we get angry at the most innocent and defenseless - the children And why? Because in the work we were treated like rags all day long, and instead of seeking our human rights with dignity - to file a counter-complaint, turn to Trade Unions, etc.n. we know a priori what country we live in and that no one will protect us And we remain silent. And in turn, we unfairly blame and traumatize our own children. Something we promised ourselves we'd never do. How long? And will we ever break out of this vicious circle?

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