Everything you need to know about bangs

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Everything you need to know about bangs
Everything you need to know about bangs

You've been thinking about changing your hairstyle for a long time and decided on bangs. It is both magnetic and gives a completely different look to your face and hair, but it is also risky because it is difficult to maintain. You are aware of this and a bunch of questions start piling up in your head.

To answer them we will try to outline the most important things you should know before getting bangs.

Start with small steps

It's easier to flip the short hair strands back if you don't like it. Therefore, at first try with 2-3 strands, no more. Cut them short so you can blend them in with the rest of your hair in case you don't like it.

Start with long bangs

When hair is used to being swept back it's hard to get it to take the new position you're trying to give it. Try longer bangs or one that is shaped like a step, falling slightly to the side.

Bangs can be the best of both hairstyle worlds

We conventionally call hairstyles with or without bangs "two worlds". Bangs are a huge dividing line that can help you create a new hairstyle without actually changing its length. Don't want to cut your hair short but want a new look? Try bangs!

Think about the "slip" of the hair

If you naturally have a "slick", don't try to hide it, but emphasize it. Match your bangs to it so you can wear it slightly to the side. If you want to have straight and thick bangs, arm yourself with patience every morning.

Love your nature

If you have curly hair, you should know that this does not make it unsuitable for bangs, on the contrary. Curly hair with curly bangs is trendy and very sexy. It's only difficult if you keep the bangs straight and thick, positioned firmly on the forehead.


If you want to have bangs, you should know that their maintenance requires much more frequent visits to the hairdresser. It's a good idea to plan them in advance to avoid messing up the eyes and mixing the strands with the rest of the hair.

Always start with bangs

When you have bangs and do your hair in the morning or just blow dry, always start with the bangs. It is difficult to position, so style it, then tackle the rest of the hair. Until you shape it, there is a risk that your bangs will regain part of their unformed appearance. That way you will have time to adjust it and stop it finally in the desired position.

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