4 serious reasons not to sleep with lenses

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4 serious reasons not to sleep with lenses
4 serious reasons not to sleep with lenses

Contact lenses are a necessity for people with high diopter. A common mistake made by many is sleeping with contact lenses. It is mandatory to remove them before going to bed, because otherwise there are many risks to the eyes and vision in general.


are the number one reason why you shouldn't sleep with contact lenses. The lenses should be removed every night and placed in a disinfecting solution. This is how you protect your eyes from infections, fungi and viruses.

If you do not observe this ritual, your eyes are at great risk of infection with various microorganisms.

Hypoxia of the eye

Hypoxia is a poor blood supply to the eye that prevents sufficient oxygen from reaching the eye.

Initially, wearing contact lenses can restrict blood supply to the cornea, reducing oxygen in the eye. When sleeping with lenses, oxygen decreases even more, with which the risk of serious complications in the eyes increases many times. In severe cases of chronic lack of oxygen in the eye, it can even lead to blindness.


Corneal ulcers

The cornea is the outermost layer of the eye. It can be easily damaged mechanically. Sleeping with lenses increases the risk of open wounds and damage to the eye, which carries the risk of many complications, including blindness.

More infections can occur, small particles can enter the eye and cause damage. The development of infections is several times higher in open wounds of the cornea of the eye.


Keratitis is a common infection in contact lens wearers who do not observe the necessary hygiene. It is mostly caused by bacteria, fungi, herpes. Untreated keratitis can cause blindness or significant vision loss.

Storage and strict hygiene of contact lenses is of great importance for the eyes and vision. Be vigilant, and if you can't be sure of compliance, at least wear disposable soft lenses that you can change often.

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