What causes eyelid twitching?

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What causes eyelid twitching?
What causes eyelid twitching?

Eyelid twitches, spasms and tics are an extremely unpleasant and irritating problem. Sometimes this twitching can last for days. People attach a mystical meaning to it – it brought bad luck, something dangerous would happen if your right eyelid blinked. If it's the left one - no problem!

Forget this nonsense. There are reasons for eyelid tremors.

What most commonly causes eyelid twitching:

  • Stress
  • Tired
  • Voltage
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • On nervous ground
  • Dry eyes
  • Eating Disorders
  • Allergic reactions

In almost all of the listed causes of twitching in the eyelids, there is no danger to he alth and life. They happen relatively often and are mostly nervous or caused by certain substances.

If the problem persists for too long, it is still good to consult a doctor to rule out some medical conditions.


Stress is the main cause of eyelid tremors. They usually appear at work or when there is a lot of tension in the home and social environment. From becoming absorbed in solving complex problems in the family, unpleasant twitches can also appear.


Caffeine is another common cause of eyelid tremors. It acts directly on the nerves and causes them to spasm involuntarily. In addition to coffee, tremors can also be caused by chocolate, soft drinks with caffeine, and tea. Abuse of any of these treats can irritate the facial nerves and trigger a prolonged spasm.

Dry eyes

If you suffer from dry eyes, it may have also caused irritation in the surrounding tissues. Thus, the unpleasant feeling has passed to the nerve endings in this area. If you take action and start putting moisturizing drops in your eyes, the problem may disappear quickly.



In allergies, there is an allergen that causes the corresponding reactions in the body. In these cases, the twitching of the eyelid is accompanied by swelling, irritation, itching, tearing.

Antihistamine preparations will save you. If not – consult a doctor.

Nutritional Deficiencies

A diet poor in certain substances can have a bad effect on the nervous system and hinder the normal flow of impulses along the nervous network. This is why twitching can occur, especially with magnesium deficiency, which is of great importance for good nerve conduction.

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