"Sea records" - Anton Georgiev

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"Sea records" - Anton Georgiev
"Sea records" - Anton Georgiev

Video: "Sea records" - Anton Georgiev

Video: "Sea records" - Anton Georgiev
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Beautiful stories, poems and thoughts take us to the seaside and remind us that happiness lies in the little things.

Sea Records” are the captured particles, thoughts, images, places and situations that have stuck to my fingers. They tell of sand and s alt, fishermen and dragons, landlords and tourists, sinking and rising. "Marine Records" are light and non-committal, but often exciting and changeable. And if you trust them, at least for a little while, Sea Records will give you a familiar feeling. Like what one feels when one looks at the horizon over the sea after sunset and feels lightness and at the same time some strange wisdom without having any real reason for it.

By the author

Sea Records story begins in summer 2018.on Facebook, where Anton Georgiev shares short stories, thoughts and poems with the breath of summer and the sea. One year later, the page has almost 4,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, and it's time for Anton's captured particles, thoughts, images, places and situations to be turned into a book.

“Sea Records” is for everyone who dreams of being transported to the beach while waiting for summer vacations, or wants to hold on to summer a little longer after the last rays of the August sun have set. This is a book for those who feel that summer is much more than a season and the sea much more than a vacation spot.


It is no coincidence that the first presentations of the book will be by the seaside. On August 8, the author will be a guest at the traditional Literary Thursday at the Hermes bookstore in Varna. On August 9 and 10, meetings with readers will continue in Burgas and Sozopol.

About the author

Anton Georgiev was born on February 6, 1985 in Sofia. He graduated from the Second English Language High School "Thomas Jefferson". He studied cultural studies at Sofia University. He has been involved in advertising for 10 years. Writes scripts, messages and comes up with concepts. Various of his projects have received awards at creativity festivals. Anton is currently a creative leader in an advertising agency.

“Sea Records” is his debut as an author. They bring together stories, poetry and thoughts inspired by his life between the sea and the city. With a beautiful, clean and intriguing style, Anton has a lot to tell us.

"Sea Records" is a mirror in which you can discover a beautiful world locked inside each of us.

Interview with Anton Georgiev

Introduce Anton Georgiev to us in one sentence

I'm still trying to live so that I can fit my description into one sentence. So far I can't make it.

The Nautical Records Facebook page was created in the summer of 2018. How did the idea for the page and then the book come about?

In 2013 I spent most of the year by the sea. I lived there, I wasn't just a tourist and I got to see things other than the beach, bars and restaurants. The sea hides a world that is much more than that. I encountered people, stories, places, feelings… I kept them inside for a long time before I found a form to tell them. At some point the name appeared - "Marine Records". That's how it all went. I felt that these two words carry a special power. I made a page and my writing was flying and people loved it. Besides short stories, I started writing thoughts and poetry. Many things accumulated that became beautiful, meaningful and emotional. I decided they deserved to live in a book too. Because the book weighs. Hermes Publishing believed in me and now I'm giving this interview, and the book is coming.

Where does writing inspiration most often find you – on the beach, in the mountains, at work…?

Inspiration is a strange and fickle thing. It does not obey places and time. He collects what he needs from every situation, keeps details that crystallize at different moments. I often write at night. When it's quiet and peaceful.

In "Sea Records" the reader will find stories, poems, short thoughts. Which of these expression approaches is your favorite and why?

Impossible to choose. Poetry is music. She rings, flies, jumps and dances. Narratives create worlds, immerse you in stories, make you travel with them and look a little deeper into what they have to show you.

Short thoughts are a synthesis - they capture a feeling, an idea, a feeling and convey it in a striking way.

Is there a work of yours that holds special meaning for you?

Everything is personal. Each text has a special meaning to me because it is connected, inspired and created based on feelings that have passed through me.

Which writers and books do you like and why?

I live by the words of many writers. I adore the poetry of Rilke, Hristo Fotev, Nikolai Liliev. They are my measure of sincerity, purity, beauty. I never get tired of reading Jerome Jerome. I read Remarque, Hemingway, Chekhov, Yovkov, Marquez… And many, many others. I read 4-5 books in parallel. I love and am influenced by Jung's theories, I read him too. I also often return to various favorite philosophers - ancient Greek, Eastern, Nietzsche… I could go on listing authors and books. I dream of time, I dream of being able to read so many more things.

Share a favorite sea memory related to a book or reading

I love late September by the sea. There are few people, the water is warm, the sun burns more mildly. It's quiet and the best time to read on the beach. It was on a few such days that I managed to read an extraordinary book about a great adventure that changed the way we think - Stefan Zweig's Magellan.

In today's hectic everyday life, we start moving away from nature, from people and seem to lose sight of the important things in life. But your lyrics transport us to a calmer world where time has stopped, one can feel the sand, the wind, the sun and feel truly happy. Is that what you wanted to convey to the readers? And do you have any message to send them?

The sea is a mirror. These are also "Sea Records". A mirror in which you can discover a beautiful world that is locked in each of us.

Dive into Sea Records

Collect every drop of rain and one day you will have a sea.